Native Hearts by RaeLynn Blue

ImageHi there, kittens!  I know, its been a while since we were together.  It’s my fault, really.  I’ve been writing books.  But I wanted to take the time this week to give you a heads up on a new, steamy read from a great author and a good friend, RaeLynn Blue.   Her new release, “Native Hearts,” from Mocha Memoirs Press,  is a perfect read for Valentine’s Day!  AND… until February 28th, you can get it for just 99 teensy little cents.  Here’s a little blurb to whet your appetite…

Lee Stone didn’t want a heart-shaped box of boring chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t want a trip to Vegas. She’d been there and done that. What she longed for was one Valentine’s Day that didn’t invite tragedy and chaos. The last three years with her boyfriend, Tank Begaye, had been host to a blizzard, a fire, and a heart attack. For once, she wanted to spend the day nestled in her lover’s arms.

Tank Begaye had weathered the long-distance relationship with Lee for years. Now, he meant to make her a permanent fixture in his life—as his wife. Avoiding the cliché Valentine Day’s proposals at restaurants and public landmarks, Tank knew exactly where to go—his family’s Hogan, deep in the heart of the Navajo Reservation. Surrounded by his ancestors’ spirits, he would ask Lee to join their family’s circle.

Sounds like a hot read to me.  Just the perfect thing to warm me up on a cold winter night.  Now, just click the link below and be amazed!  Later babes…


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A Valentine Giveaway!

OK… I know… yell at me.  I’m a TERRIBLE blogger.  It’s true.  I’m not good at the whole promo thing.  I always get so involved with actually writing books that I never seem to have time to flog what’s already out there.  But what kind of romance author would I be if I didn’t do SOMETHING for Valentine’s Day?!  So here’s the deal… leave a comment over at my Facebook page (click the graphic and it should take you right to it) and I will choose a lucky commenter to receive a FREE copy of Strange Bedfellows:  Three to Tango.  Which is great because the NEXT installment is due out on March 1st from Mocha Memoirs Press!  Happy commenting!

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Wicked Little Wednesday, #3– Melissa Keir

Welcome, my lovelies!  Today I’m joined for an interview by brand, spanking-new romance author, Melissa Keir. She bravely consented to answer a few questions about herself and her hot offering in the Valentine anthology, Love Again.

Thank you for letting me come visit your site today.  It is fun to be able to share a bit of my life with your readers.

 1.   Tell us who you are and a little about how you came to be a writer of romance.

 Imagine the Brady Bunch without Alice and you’ve got a pretty good picture of my life.  As a part of a blended family with two children from each of our previous marriages, my husband and I have created a new home and family that encompasses our teenage and young adult children, two fur-babies, a high grocery bill, and a lot of laundry.


Growing up as the oldest of five daughters, I was taught to fish, hunt and to work hard by my father.  He didn’t believe in forcing gender roles.  My grandmother taught me to cook, sew and care for others. And my mom taught me the importance of being me… she let me color my hair, cut it in the latest styles and fight for what I believed in. 


Today, I try to instill those ideals and a love of reading to my own children and future generations as an elementary school teacher. My family have made me a better person and provided me with support, great lines for my books, and a few gray hairs.  But I firmly believe that each experience makes us stronger and better.


Writing has always been a part of my life.  I’ve written poetry and musings on my life.  When I got a chance to write a story, I took it and haven’t looked back since then.  Now I have a book coming out Feb. 14th and more in April!


2.  So first things first, what do you consider to be the sexiest qualities in a man?

 The three traits that I find appealing in a man are his brain, his arms/shoulders, and his sense of humor. I love a man with a brain because there is so much out there in the world that it’s wonderful to get another perspective, bounce ideas off each other and discuss ideas.  I love a man’s shoulders and arms because they are the sexiest part of a guy’s body to me. The arms and shoulders have to be strong to deal with the stresses of the world and I love to be swept up and carried. A man’s sense of humor is my third trait because I love verbal sparring.  It is exciting to have a man who can keep up with my own sarcastic wit.  It’s like foreplay!

3.   Describe your ultimate hero.

My ultimate hero would be a guy who loved me for me and was willing to take care of me and put up with me.  A hero who worked hard for the money he earned.  I love a guy who works out and keeps his body at its peak, short military haircut and powerful arms. Throw in some chest hair and I’m so happy!

 4.   What makes a great sex scene?

A great sex scene is one where the reader gets drawn into the scene, feeling like they were there watching or participating in the scene.  It should arouse the reader’s passions and give them ideas of things to try at home.

 5.   Quickies:

*   Boxers or briefs? I like the boxer briefs, tight and fitted.

*  Red or white? Red.  It makes my green eyes stand out!

*  Sweet or savory? I’d much rather have something a little spicy!  But if I had to choose, I’d say sweet.

*  The Kama Sutra or The Story of O The Story of O.

*  #1 Song on Your “Sexy Writing” Playlist? I love Adele’s whole cd “21” because it always sets the mood!

6.      Tell us about your current release and give us a little taste…

My current release is Forever Love, a short story in the Love, Again Valentine Anthology. It is available in e-book and print from Ruby Lioness Press.

 Forever Love is the story of a woman who escapes her small town life after high school for the bright lights and anonymity of the big city.  But when her father is facing his toughest battle, Alzheimer’s, she comes home to care for him and finds herself face to face with the one guy who broke her heart.  Can they find a way back from the pain of the past?  Or will he forever be the one that got away?


A dark, cropped haircut framed a face so beautiful that it could be described as the face of a Roman god: he had a strong nose and jawline that showed just a sprinkling of whisker stubble. It was his body that made me pause, however. His muscular shoulders and upper arms looked like they could carry a girl off to bed. His chest was wet and covered with hair that immediately drew my eyes and tempted me to caress it. The chest hair tapered down his narrow waist and seemed to lead the way to paradise. I stopped walking and just stared. I could only hope that I was not drooling. This guy was smokin’ hot! Then he smiled and I noticed his face, complete with a little dimple in his chin. He seemed familiar, but I wasn’t sure where I recognized him from. When he saw that I noticed him, he winked at me as if he recognized me, too.

“Hello! Nice day for a walk, huh? The weather has been kind to us this year.” He spoke and my knees wobbled. His voice was like chocolate, smooth and delicious.


Thank you for having me at your blog today.  I love to hear from readers.  You can reach me at… or on Facebook at…!/pages/Melissa-Keir-Fan-Page/143020369136928  or on Twitter at…!/melissa_keir.


Alright, now that you’ve read the whole thing…. drum roll…….

The winner of the copy of “Masquerade” is—- Daemonicus Sanguinus!!  Your smutty little morsel will be in your inbox ASAP!!!  Happy reading!!

Valentine’s Day Madness! FOR ADULTS ONLY!!

Available 12/17 @, Bookstrand, and AllRomance eBooks

Well, it’s that time of year again.  You know what I’m talkin’ about— Valentine’s Day!  That non-holiday created by greeting card and chocolate companies to sell us all more sentimental treats than we can possibly imagine.  And though it’s not my favorite holiday, I think the sentiment is in the right place.  You never know when you might lose someone, so it’s always a good idea to tell them now.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive, just from the heart.

In honor of the special day– and because I’d have to hang my head in disgrace as a romance writer if I didn’t do something special for Valentine’s Day– tomorrow (2/14) I’ll be posting some hot little Valentines for your reading pleasure.  Your mission:  give them a gander and leave a comment.  On Wednesday during Wicked Little Wednesday ( this week’s guest is Melissa Keir!!) I will announce the winner of a free copy of my hottest yarn to date, “Masquerade.”  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?!  But just to encourage you, here’s a little excerpt from “Masquerade.”  WARNING!!! NC-17 Content!


“Doesn’t it arouse you to think that some of them are watching you now,” he purred against her ear just as he slid the tip of a finger between the outer lips of her sex. “Each of them getting more turned on as they watch your body tense and hear your desperate whines.”

The sinuous digits delved deeper, collecting the slippery drops of fluid that clung to the tiny petals. He slid the pads of his fingertips around the opening of her sex, massaging gently until she was arching against him involuntarily. With an evil chuckle he pulled away, leaving her empty, her sex clutching for something to grasp hold of.

“You’re so sensitive.” He brought his fingers to his lips, licking one delicately as if catching a dribble of the finest champagne. “And delicious.” With an eyebrow cocked roguishly, he offered his fingertip to her mouth. At first she hesitated. “Don’t be afraid,” he teased, sliding it across her lips, wetting them with her own salty fluid. “Take a small taste.”

She flicked her tongue cautiously across her lips, unsure of what she would taste. It was bittersweet and wild, honeysuckle and smoke. The flavor was intoxicating and she found herself licking her lips. When he offered his hand to her again, she took two of his fingers into her mouth, lapping her tongue around them and suckling hungrily. He groaned, watching her as she took them in like a tiny cock.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me, love. I knew when I saw you on the stairs that you were the only choice for me.”

“You chose me?” she asked, nuzzling her cheek against his hand.

“You seem surprised,” he said, teasing her lips with his thumb.

“I’m not usually the first choice,” she sighed, kissing the edge of his thumbnail. “For anything.”


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