Cover Reveal: The Undying Light by Stephen Zimmer

So kids, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but as always– I’m workin’ on it.  Things have been hectic and crazy, so I’ve let a few things slide. However, today, I just couldn’t let this one go.  Understand, this isn’t like a regular cover reveal in that I was not asked to reveal nor was I implored by a blog tour.  No, kittens, I’m unveiling this one all on my own because my very good friend, Stephen Zimmer, is always doing such nice and wonderful things for other people.  I felt it was my duty to help promote a book that he believes in so much.

His new book, The Undying Light, is the next in his Rising Dawn Series from Seventh Star Press.  It’s been anxiously awaited for a while now and as a reader– I’m extremely excited for the next chapter in the series.  As his friend, I’m very excited for the release of a book that is obviously so close to his heart.  This has been a tough year for Stephen, but he’s persevered and continued to be that “undying” light for everyone else, so let’s drum up some buzz and excitement for this new chapter!

undying light

Isn’t it beautiful?  Matt Perry, one of Seventh Star Press’s amazing cover artists has really outdone himself with this one.  Again, let’s give Mr. Zimmer a round of applause!  Now… the hard part…. waiting for release day…

A word from Stephen about Undying Light….

This day last year I endured the most nightmarish experience I ever had, the last hours with my mother in a hospital. While today is a very difficult day, I am following the advice of a friend, Susan H. Roddey, and unveiling the cover art and illustrations created by Matt Perry for my new book as a tribute to my mom, for very appropriate reasons. All of my novels have been dedicated to her, as she is a major reason why I am who I am today, and why I do what I do. She is the one that got me started along the path of the fantastical and using my imagination, reading me The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit at a very young age. She lives in everything I do, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate book cover to unveil for this moment, when I think of what the title is referencing and what it means. It is not easy as this is the first full novel I’ve released since she passed away on this day last year. I’m here today to show that I’m continuing the fight and that the things that brought her great joy with me continue forward. I love her more every day and miss her dearly. The Undying Light portrayed in this novel embodies my greatest dreams, the ones that I hope most will be realized and I hope that everyone enjoys the new book. – Stephen

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It’s the Amazing Stephen Zimmer!

final-ww_coverI have the pleasure of welcoming one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, working with and calling friend.  Stephen Zimmer is a prolific writer of Sci-Fi/ Fantasy.  The talent with which he crafts stories, characters and settings is something I aspire to in my own writing. He also happens to be an amazing Convention Coordinator.  But I’m gonna stop gushing and let him talk to you about writing for a small press SUCCESSFULLY!


From the Heart of a Small Press: Introducing Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Stephen Zimmer

 The small press publishing world is not an easy road to take, especially when the landscape of publishing as a whole has changed so profoundly over just the last few years.  Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is no different than it has been in any age: produce the best books possible with the talent and resources available.

When you have a Bram Stoker Award-winning editor, an arsenal of NY Times best-selling authors including several regarded as genre icons, a cadre of top editors, and a pair of award-winning artists in the mix, you know you have something very special on your hands.  For all of us at Seventh Star Press, Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy, edited by Michael Knost,  is that special book, representing a treasure trove for both writers and readers alike. 

Containing an array of essays and interviews featuring the likes of Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Ursula K. Le Guin, Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson, and many more, the book offers a look into the minds of many of the greatest writers in the genre regarding their particular approaches to the craft of writing.  For writers, this is obviously an educational bonanza, and for readers it is a chance to see how their favorite genre authors approach their craft.

Resources necessary for a project like this are not the easiest thing to come by for a small press.  Therefore, the road to the publication of Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy involved a Kickstarter campaign became highly successful, featuring nearly 500 contributors who desired to see this book become a reality.

The campaign included some custom short films produced by Allotrope Media, a Memphis-based new media company.  One of their principle individuals is none other than Jackie Gamber, an award-winning editor and author who is one of the premium talents featured in the book.

The contributions gathered over the course of the Kickstarter campaign went far past the goal that had been set.  The total collected allowed several full-page pieces of custom artwork to be commissioned, as well as the addition of an entirely new section within the book itself.

From the striking cover by Matthew Perry to the last page, the book turned out both sharp-looking and content-rich.  The perspectives contained within demonstrate strongly that there is no one “right way” to writing in genre fiction.  Rather, there are multiple possible approaches, and each author’s challenge is discovering the best methods for themselves.

The book offers a wealth of material for all levels of writers, whether one is brand new to the world of publishing or an industry veteran.   There is something to be gleaned for the edification of anyone, and already many teachers of both high school and college levels are expressing a desire to add this title to their curriculum.

A book like this is a true honor for any press to release.  Seventh Star Press is very conscious of the importance of the title, and what it represents for writers and editors everywhere.

Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy is a solid contribution to the realms of genre literature.  The coming months look to be very exciting as growing numbers of people begin to read the book and discover what is contained within it.


Isn’t he amazing?!  He actually used the word ‘edification.’  Correctly! And here’s another thing… Stephen is running a rafflecopter contest, so hop on over and enter.  That’s where I’m headed….