A Day Late and a Dollar Short…

Available August 13th from Sugar and Spice Press

So I’m sitting here preparing my Six Sentence Sunday post thinking that it will be the week before the release of “Second Skin.”  I wanted to put a link back to my awesome publisher’s website in the post.  Out of curiosity I wanted to see my cover on the “Coming Soon” page (again, I like to see my book cover on someone other than my sister’s facebook page).  To my extreme delight, it was there, looking all beautiful and sexy.  And then I saw that I had been telling people THE WRONG RELEASE DATE. Good job, Lexxx… you moron, you.  The book actually comes out THIS SATURDAY, August 13th.  NOT August 20th as I’ve been thinking all this time.  But I’m not surprised.  I’ve been so insane crazy this week that I’m surprised that I even remember that I’m a writer.  I surely haven’t thought about any writing except for writing schedules, lesson plans and letters to parents.

Now that I’m going back to school, I’ve been thinking a lot about our education system in this country.  My husband told me today that our esteemed Superintendent of PUBLIC Education here in South Carolina, refused money from the federal government to HELP our PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  I mean, isn’t that his job— to protect the children of our state?  I’ve come to the conclusion that teachers are the most trod-upon, bullied professionals in our country when they should be the most respected.  The vast majority of people in this country are educated in our public schools, yet people seem to be hell-bent to destroy them.  Teachers are constantly blamed for the inadequacies of our society– bad parenting, lack of funding, lack of parental support and the lack of importance placed on education.  We complain that the Japanese and other countries are so ahead of us in education, but its not because our kids aren’t as smart– far from it.  In my small town I’ve taught some of the brightest.  The problem is that even though we make speeches and say that education is important, the cold, hard dirty truth is that– it isn’t.  Case in point:  Me:  Johnny, why don’t you have your homework today?  Johnny: I had a soccer game last night and I didn’t get home until late.  Pardon me, shouldn’t your child’s most important job outside the home be school?  Nothing should be more important and if soccer or baseball or football or swimming is keeping your child from getting his or her homework done, then perhaps they shouldn’t be doing it.  I’ve also heard the excuse, “Well he’s a talented football player.  He could go pro someday and what will he need with book learning?”  Do these people not realize that 1 in a million people that WANT to play pro sports actually make it to the pro leagues?  And what about that knee that gets shattered playing high school ball?  Its just so infuriating because our kids have so much potential.

Anyway, off my soapbox for tonight.  I’m off to relax with some friends in Second Life.  My Second Life is way more carefree…LOL

BTW…. if you can read this—- GO HUG A TEACHER!!

Six Sentence Sunday: Masquerade

Just a taste of my WIP…


Blythe leaned back into his arms, her center throbbing at the crudity of his wording.   It made her feel dirty-sexy, almost
whorish.  And she would never have expected to like that feeling, but for some reason it was a powerful aphrodisiac.  Apollo reached around, cupping her breast roughly in his palm, offering it up to the other man like a delectable treat.  The Raven fell to one knee before her, kissing the bit of her areola that peeked out from behind the drape of silk.  One hand went to the other breast, kneading it roughly as he lapped at her warm flesh, drawing soft sighs from her lips.

Six Sentence Sunday—oops…

I know, I know… my first one of these and I’m late and totally forgot about it.  My day was awful yesterday.  I’m sure they’ve deleted my link, but here it is anyway and hopefully they’ll give me another chance next week….

OK.. This week’s selection is from my newest release, due out I believe August 20th with Sugar and Spice Press.  “Second Skin” is the story of Catherine Spencer, a bored paralegal who is sick of her humdrum likfe with her husband Alex.  When she goes to a dinner party and meets  mysterious stranger, Jack Leannan, everything she’s ever known is turned upside down.


All of the hair on the backof my neck bristled, sending a shudder through my body at the crudity of his
words.  “Poor thing.  It’s been so long for you, hasn’t it,  A grá?  So long youfear that you’ve forgotten how.”  Every syllable went straight to my sex and I could feel the warmth building so fast that I parted my thighs, praying that the cool ocean breeze would calm it.  His mouth was on me again, slipping from the crest of my cheek to the gentle slope of my throat.  “You need a good fucking,” he growled, pulling my body roughly against his groin.