Alexandra Christian @ Rebel Reasoning 12/13!!

Alright, so I was HORRIBLE at promoting my last stint at Rebel Reasoning, but this time I promised myself I’d be better.  And so, here I am, promoting my latest guest blog over at the Rebel Ink.  And this week will be a busy one for the old Southern Belle from Hell.  And no, I’m not just talking about the 4 short days left ’til Christmas vacation.  I’m talking about ME being ALL UP IN YER GRILL!!  That’s right ladies and germs, I’ll be blogging at Rebel Reasoning on 12/13, Cassandre Dayne’s blog on 12/14 and then of course I’ll be blog hoppin’ with several other great authors on the “Stuff Your Stockings” Blog Hop from Dec. 16th- 18th.

And I’m only SLIGHTLY excited that “Masquerade” will be releasing on Saturday, Dec. 17th!!  And to celebrate I’ll be blogging all day over at Coffee Time Romance and giving away a couple of copies of the book to some lucky commentors!

So I’m here, there and everywhere.  If you don’t see me around, you have no one to blame but yourself!!