We’re Mad as Hell!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-6671-1374245679-42_previewIt always seems that I’m blogging when I’m pissed off about something.  And usually, it’s something that might seem pretty trivial in retrospect, but tonight I saw something that not only angered me, but disturbed me as well.  The truth is, we all tend to think that we live in a modern world where everyone is given basic human rights regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation– whatever.  We hear stories about minorities being extremely oppressed, but it always seems that these happenings are in backward countries with medieval sensibilities.  Not in modern, advanced societies where everyone has televisions, computers and the internet.  Right?  WRONG.

I read a story on Buzzfeed tonight.  It was brought to my attention by my writer friend, Selah Janel, whom I met a long time ago when we were just kids writing Moulin Rouge fan fiction.  Well, she was a kid, I was already married.  Yeah, I’m old. But I did marry young!  Anyway, I digress.  The two of us have been sisters in fan fiction for a whole and so this story floored us both.  Apparently, the Chinese government is on a witch hunt to prosecute WOMEN who write erotic fiction.  Worse, they seem to really be targeting slash fiction writers (if you don’t know, slash fiction is m/m erotic romance written primarily by female writers for female readers).  This tells me two things, kittens:  the Chinese government is discriminating against women and the Chinese government is discriminating against homosexuality.  Now, those are broad generalizations, so do let me elaborate.

Erotic fiction online is very popular in China, apparently.  So popular, in fact, that readers are willing to pay subscriptions for serial novels.  Some are fan fiction based, others are original.  For the most part, these sites do not have any explicit images or video, its merely the written word.  The Chinese government has shut down many sites already and arrested their staff.  They’ve also managed to track down authors and arrest them in their homes.  They claim that what these girls are writing is indecent and corrupting the minds of Chinese youth (paging Mr. Socrates!).  That the stories advocate violence and promiscuity and give youth a distorted image of what healthy sexuality is.  Lemme give you an image of the average female arrested for these stories.  Young, between 18-25.  Socially awkward (some, not all).  Many of them isolated and living at home with their parents. Shy.  Sexually inexperienced.  Clearly we’re not talking about Larry Flint or Bob Guccione (editors of Hustler and Penthouse, respectively) or Pauline Reage (author of The Story of O).  These are young girls who are desperately trying to express themselves and for, most likely, the FIRST time feeling that they have talent and worth.  That they can do something that no one else can do.  That they have a voice that others might be interested in.  And ultimately, that’s what the Chinese government is afraid of.  Once women learn to read, write and discover their vaginas, they become dangerous.  And Heaven forbid if they express the thought that homosexuality is OK.

This scares me, kids.  I’m afraid for these girls.  I’m afraid for the youth of China.  I’m afraid for what this could mean for the rest of the world.  I’m afraid of the sins of our past being revisited over and over.  Freedom of speech and expression is the cornerstone of our society.  We may not like what people say all the time, but most of us would fight to defend their right to say it.  It bothers me that the citizens of other countries don’t enjoy these basic human rights.  That’s not geocentrism, its truth.  So the next time we decide to get our panties in wad because we’re being FORCED to have medical insurance or FORCED to register our guns or FORCED to go to school, just remember, kiddos– it could always be worse.

The Buzzfeed Article, if you’re interested:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/kevintang/inside-chinas-insane-witch-hunt-for-slash-fiction-writers


New Releases and Promo and Menage…oh my!

In case you haven’t heard, I have yet another book released!  I’m so overwhelmed. Never would I have imagined that I would have been able to produce so much work in such a short amount of time.  I began September with the release of “Sanguine Kiss,” my first sexy vampire novella.  As far as I know it’s done pretty well and I even have a couple of nice reviews on Amazon.  Then before you can say, “Help! Its sparkly!” my new book, “Three To Tango” releases with Mocha Memoirs Press.  This book is near and dear to my heart because not only is it my first with Mocha Memoirs, BUT it’s also my first foray into m/m erotica.  My two sexy male vampires, Leo and Andre, are bisexuals that have been lovers for nearly a century.  They seduce our heroine and a good time is had by all.  They also manage to kick off a series that I hope will keep you all panting for  months to come.

That’s right, I said a SERIES.  “Three to Tango” is the pilot episode of a series entitled “Strange Bedfellows.” All of the stories in this series center around The Oubliette, kind of a singles bar for paranormal creatures.  Want to hook up with a non-sparkly vampire?  How about the ghost of your dead lover?  Or do you prefer to have a hair-raising tryst with a werewolf?  Anything your twisted little heart desires can be had at The Oubliette.  If you know who to talk to…

“…vampires can be dangerous to your health.”

A truer statement had never been uttered, but when Cali stumbled upon The Oubliette, she began to realize the wisdom in those words. Broken-hearted and bored, Cali’s life had become a string of TV dinners and romance novels. She wondered where her life was going until she followed the mysterious stranger through the red door and entered a world that few would ever know existed. A world of vampires, werewolves and pleasure beyond imagination. Within the walls of The Oubliette, Cali will embark on a dangerous and sensual journey of discovery that will change her life forever.

Also, in the works this week we’ve got some promotional goodies that I’d love to see you all take part in.  Coming up on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, I’ll be a featured author on D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters.  You’ll get to sample the first chapters of three different Alexandra Christian specials, including the steamy, new “Sanguine Kiss.”  I’ll also be hosting a chat over at the Mocha Memoirs Press Cafe yahoo group. I’ll be over there talking about “Three to Tango” along with lots of other MMP writers.  We’ll be discussing our books, what inspires us and in honor of Halloween, our love of all things horrific.  That’s right– it’ll be a DARK Mocha day.  I’d love for any of you readers and writers out there to join us. 

This has been an incredibly long blog post, but I hope I’ve given you some stuff to consider.  Don’t forget to come play with me this week!

It’s Beach Season!

Aaaah…. the humid air of a Carolina spring.  The only difference between a Carolina spring and a Carolina summer is the rain.  It’s only mid-April and already the temperatures are climbing into the 90s!  That can only mean one thing– it’s time for the beach!  Long days of lounging on the sand, watching the waves and sipping a tall fruity drink  under a garishly colored umbrella.  Of course if you’re like me, you’ve always got a good book in your beach bag.  So seeing as how I never do much promotion, I thought I’d just give a run-down of my releases.  Just to give you some ideas for loading up your Kindle.  I promise they won’t disappoint!


Available NOW from Rebel Ink Press!

Beast of Burden:  Sascha has been a slave in the village of Kaspar for most of her life.  Unappreciated and alone, she lives out her days toiling away and putting up with constant torment.  When her kind master goes off to the marketplace in a neighboring town, he offers to bring her a gift.  All she asks is for a single, red rose.  Little does she know that the rose will cast her out into the service of the beastly Lord Marek.  Rumored to be a scarred and cruel man, Cianan Marek has been searching for a kindred soul.  His life as a warrior came to an abrupt end when he was attacked by werewolves in the Outlands.  Bitter and alone, he’s been hiding a terrible secret since returning to Kaspar as Lord Governor.  In this adult retelling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, Sascha and Cianan learn the power of destiny and that some beasts lurk in the most unlikely of places.  This  one is my newest release and I must say— it’s a hot little number.


“Dollface”: “Dollface” is the story of Caroline, a plain Jane, small town Southern girl who just happens to be a funeral home cosmetian. Everyone in town likes Caroline, though they’ve always felt that there was something not quite right about her. For years Caroline has pined in silence for the funeral director’s son, Scott Bauer. Scott has always been kind, but never returned her affections. Her world comes tumbling down when she discovers that Scott is to be married and will leave her forever. She can’t let that happen and will go to unnatural lengths to keep him. The story has a bit of graphic violence and alludes somewhat to necrophilia, mostly in the style of Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily.”  This one’s straight horror, so there’s no hot sex.  But the anti-heroine, Caroline, is genuinely creepy!

“Masquerade”:  “What’s your fantasy?”  Blythe McLachlan had the perfect life until the night he said those three little words that could make or break a relationship.  When Blythe tells her husband about her fantasy of a hot menage, he’s less than pleased.  But when he drops her off at a mysterious masquerade ball, she finds that the boundaries of love can be crossed and rules are made to be broken.  This short story has been described as a smouldering piece of Heaven that’s sure to fog up your iPad screen…


“Second Skin”:  When Catherine Spencer meets the seductive Jack Leannan at her company dinner party, she could never have imagined how fast she’d fall for him. He’s everything her husband isn’t—older, confident, and highly sexual. He lures her under his spell with promises of passion beyond her wildest dreams, and she finds herself ready to give up everything. But Jack is no ordinary lover, and the secret he harbors could destroy her.
Hellsong:  Can mercy be a sin? Lonely bookstore manager Theo Chandler lost herself in Hurricane Katrina. Found wandering alone in a swamp with no memory of her life before the storm, she has spent the last few years building a half-life where no one touches her so no one can guess her secret. Only Father Jerome, a voodoo priest who witnessed her birth, and the minions of Lucifer know her true identity and the monster she could become.
As the last of the Grigori, Heaven’s guardians of humankind on Earth, the angel Saraquel should destroy beautiful Theo before the forces of Hell use her to destroy him, humanity, or even Heaven itself. But like Jerome, he sees the humanity in her that far outshines the hidden demon. He forms a connection to her that he has never known with anyone else through all his immortal life. Choosing to protect her, he joins Theo and Jerome in a fight to bring down hell’s design and save her human soul.
Wow!  I can’t believe I have that many releases to shamelessly plug!  And coming soon, I’ll be releasing the first in a BRAND NEW SERIES!  I can’t say much about it just now, but it’s my first foray into the world of self-publishing.  I thought I’d give it a try and see what happens.  The idea is to release some “quickies” that will most likely be sold in the $0.99- $1.99 range.  Each story is an erotic paranormal romance that revolves around this strange little place called “The Oubliette.”  So be on the lookout for those!
Finally, I’d really like to thank all of you that have been my faithful readers both of my books and my blogs.  It feels so good to know that there are folks out there that appreciate what you do.  Thanks folks!!  I won’t forget you when I become rich and famous… hehe….

Throbbing Thursday: Sara York

Hello kids!  It’s Thursday morning and you know what that means– time for another venture into the mind of an erotic romance author.  This week’s offering comes from author Sara York.  She’s going to give us a little bit of insight into True Love and it’s place in erotic romance.  Enjoy!


True Love in a Story

I believe LOVE is severely underrated in today culture.  Money, lust and power have always been in the way of love, but now love even has to battle indifference and laziness. People put love last, settling for less because love takes work.

Like love, writing takes work too. Every book I write or short story I pen has a taste of the love I have for my husband buried somewhere in it. Working it Out, one of my newest novels, if filled with passion and love.

Sometimes the cheep imitation of signs or sensations are confused for love. We make sue wit the fresh breeze on a walk or the scent of roses when we’re with our partner that makes us feel giddy, but real love doesn’t need those false signs to move us into love. Sure they help, but love is much deeper.

In a story I do use little things to make the characters feel romantic. A certain touch, or look, the smell of cologne or the color red. It’s all a play on our senses to get my characters to that point of falling in love. And yes, I do fall in love with my characters as I write them since they
are the embodiment of some part of my relationship with my spouse.

In Working It Out Jake and Lance work through their beliefs about the gay lifestyle, living in a southern state and being gay and working in the fitness industry and being gay. They overcome tremendous odds when life gets difficult.

Passion and lust brings them together, what they don’t expect is to fall in love.

Jake Grant is a sexy personal trainer not looking for anyone after his long-time partner passes away. He’s ready to throw away his dreams by selling the gym just to get away from the ghost of his past. But once he meets Lance everything changes.

Lance Abbott is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializing in sports medicine and is completely in the closet. He is convinced that if his clients found out he was gay they would all leave his practice and he would have to abandon the work he loves. When he meets Jake, a man who is totally out, all of Lance’s perceptions about being “out” are challenged.

 Passions and lust drive Lance and Jake together. But they soon find out their relationship is deeper than the physical heat between them. Can what they have last without anyone finding out? Or should Lance give up his insecurities and embrace Jake fully?

I hope love touches your life soon if you haven’t already been touched. If you already have someone in your life you love, hold them a little tighter tonight and think of all of their good qualities as you slip into sleep.

Excerpt from Working It Out:

His face heated. Great, just what he needed, a full blush to be shining as he confronted Jake and begged for  forgiveness. Lance squared his shoulders and marched forward. He hesitated
before tapping on the office door then opened without waiting for Jake’s response.

He stepped through and shut the door without glancing at Jake. Once inside, he took a deep gulp of air and levelled his gaze with Jake’s, shocked by the murderous glare shooting his way. Jake switched the phone from his left hand to his right, never glancing away.

“I’ve got to go.” Jake raked his eyes over Lance. Menace flowed from the man. “No, just a problem that came up. Nothing big.”

Jake hung up the phone, rolled his neck and clenched his fists. A frown twisted his face, his eyes unforgiving.

Lance wondered if he’d misjudged Jake. “I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

“The way I treated you.”

Jake jumped up and came around the desk.  He was big and intimidating. Lance cringed and shied away.

Jake stopped, putting up both hands. “I’m not going to hurt you, but I think you need to leave.”

Lance stood his ground, hating the fear rolling through him as his heart pounded with desire. It had been years since he’d been in a relationship. Hell, the few dates he had would never count as a true relationship. The difficulties of dealing with love made him crazy. He
didn’t want to be the type of guy who never opened up, but managing hurt egos and demanding drama queens wasn’t his style either.

“I’m not leaving before I tell you how sorry I am for the way I treated you.”

Jake grimaced and looked away, his face flushed. “I felt like a piece of meat.”

“I’m not good at relationships. I shouldn’t have dismissed you so callously.”

Jake stepped forward. “You need to leave.”

Lance didn’t back down. He held up his hand and placed it on Jake’s chest. Desire shot to Lance’s groin. Jake flexed his muscles, heat radiating off his body. The man felt good and sensuous under Lance’s palm. He knew it was only his imagination. Jake wasn’t coming onto him but his heart sang.

He looked up into Jake’s eyes, afraid of what he’d see. He was shocked to find Jake smiling. Lance smiled back.

“You’re blocking my way?”

Lance swallowed, trying to overcome his fear. “Yeah, I’m blocking you and I’m not letting you past.”

“Interesting. Not many guys would stand up to me when I’m angry.”

For a split second Lance thought about reaching up and pulling Jake into a tight lip lock, but he couldn’t, not until they had more of an understanding. “I’m not too smart when it comes to relationships.”

“You’ve implied that before.”

Lance kept one hand on Jake’s chest and slid the other one down Jake’s side to his hip.

His breathing grew deeper as he thought about how good Jake felt pressed up against him. Memories of Jake’s muscled back and thighs made Lance want to plaster his body against Jake’s.

The air grew thick. Jake inched forward. Lance’s heart hammered in his chest and his knees went weak. A knock sounded at  the door and Lance jumped back. Jake looked wounded.

For more information about Sara York books visit my website at http://sarayork.com


Whew… I think I’m having memories of Jack’s muscled back and thighs– and I’ve never even met him.  But I think I’m going to HAVE to run out and download Working it Out and curl up for a little quality time with my Nook. See ya later, kittens!

This Week’s Guest: Cassandre Dayne

And we’re back!  Yes, kittens, its time for that part of the week that I like to call “Putting the Thrust in Thursdays!”

Yeah… I know.  Pretty lame.  But I’m working on it.  The good news is that I have a guest today that will have you drooling in your sensible shoes.  Cassandre Dayne is the author of MANY MANY erotic romance pieces ranging from m/m romance to BDSM epics with threesomes and moresomes.  She’s my own personal hero when it comes to churning out well-written, hot as Hell pieces at astonishing speeds.  And not to mention, a wonderful friend.  Without further ado… the FABULOUS Cassandre Dayne!



Cassandre Dayne

 What is it about sexy men who ooze power we as women love? From the corporate executive to the dangerous Harley ridin’ man we all know I crave – yummy, we have a penchant for men who wield a strong persona like a sword. From the days of cave men through the Knights of the Roundtable, we love the thought of controlling men who save the day. Something like our own personal Lancelot who comes not only to save the village from plunder but also to sweep us off our
feet and rides into the sunset only to be ravaged later for hours on end across a bearskin rug where all our fantasies are fulfilled. Okay I have shivers right now.

Men of power and control also seem to be our heroes, whether from yesteryear to today – from our men in the military to the hero fireman that rescues grandma from the burning house, we idealize all they represent which to me is safety, security and a reminder good people truly
exist. There’s something else too – they’re sexy as hell. For some reason we incorporate the thought that men who are very powerful are the strong, rough-hewn types who look just as good in a faded pair of blue jeans as they do an Armani suit. And of course they look even better naked.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, flavors and hungers and I can tell you from personal experience the most commanding men are sometimes the ones you least expect. But in the books we write, for some reason it seems all men have to be hunky, sexy, long haired, rugged and
muscular. Okay ladies – nothing wrong with hungering for a chiseled man but…

Is there any difference if you’re homosexual? Passion and love transcends all bounds including color and sex so why should it be any different for men? I think sometimes women forget too that
men have a need to be in control and it’s not just the “x” or “y” bit – it’s also based on society. Men seem to have to be the breadwinners and the ones who rescue the lost puppy or fix every broken appliance. I know what you’re thinking but the concept continues to exist. Now what if you have a gay couple where both men are extremely commanding, always in control of everything in their
lives and with their lovers and suddenly find themselves developing a relationship with another man who’s just as brawny and dominating as himself?

Therein lies the Power Struggle. In my almost hot off the presses release – this one is about two men who are probably the grittiest characters I’ve written and yes they’re hunky and sexy and two men you literally want to sink your teeth into. Yummy is all I can say. It’s the second in a series – Tales from Lucifer’s Lair about a wicked man cave nestled in the Flamingo Rustler – a bar and grill also in my series PINKED from Dakotah Black. I love the crossover here. This one is a naughty excerpt so be careful you don’t get burned!


When two rough-hewn men hunger for a new life – who’s going to be in charge?


Cole Stevens was an angry man. Being fired from the job he loved, he was only able to find work bartending at the Flamingo Rustler. And the experience left him hungry and in need of taking

Available September 3rd from Rebel Ink Press

down a man, sexually that is. When Ryker Marks saved a sassy waitress from a badass group of bikers, Cole was intrigued. The sexy six foot seven man had a rough-hewn demeanor and a body that killed. In the dimness of Lucifer’s Lair, the man cave nestled inside the bar, Cole knew he had to have a taste of Cole and a sinful plan was born.

Ryker was in town as a respite for his ailing soul. After his fiancé pushed him aside for a stranger, he left his company in the hands of his employees and took a long drive on his Harley. After meeting Cole and realizing he was tired of hiding behind lies, he took a chance with the stunning slice of chocolate and a power struggle for complete domination ensued.

But in a series of betrayals, both men had to face their demons or one of them would be destroyed. As both Ryker and Cole travelled long and treacherous paths, neither knew the truth about the other. Could their relationship survive the deceit or would an unknown accomplice take them both down?


Steeling his nerves, he continued his quest and as he neared the entrance, he heard the
subtle strains of music. The thumping of the bass fluttered into the dense space. He entered slowly and gazed around the perimeter of the room. Seeing no one in the dim shadows, he moved forward and walked toward the bar.

“Looking for someone?” Ryker purred as he moved out of the shadows. Hands in his pockets, he leaned against the bar and spread his legs.

Cole’s breath caught seeing his naked chest shimmering in the dim lighting. Ryker’s shirt completely unbuttoned, he’d pushed the flimsy material open. “I thought you left.”

Ryker shook his head and stepped forward. “No, I’m thirsty.”

He swallowed hard and walked behind the bar. “What would you like?” Pulling down a bottle of bourbon, he poured two shots without giving Ryker a chance to answer. Pushing the glass across the bar, he took his and lifted it to his lips.

Ryker nodded his head and caught the dense crystal before it fell to the floor. Narrowing his eyes, he threw back the liquid and slammed the glass on top with a resounding thud. “That’s good for starters.”

Cole licked the rim of his glass as he gazed down the length of Ryker. God, the man was built. His carved chest tapered into a thin waist and long lean legs. Finishing the rich biting bourbon
in one swallow, he set the glass down carefully. “Tell me what you want.”  Without looking at him, Cole walked around the end of the bar slowly and stopped two feet in front of Ryker. “Exactly.”

“What are you offering?” Ryker hissed savagely.

Cole shook his head and yanked his tee shirt out of his pants. “What you are willing to do for me?”

Ryker tipped his head back. Taking a single finger, he pressed it inside of his mouth, thrusting in slow and deliberate motions. Groaning, he pulled it out and traced a series of lazy circles around his lips before edging it across his chin and down to the nape of his neck. Sighing, he opened his legs further as he closed his eyes.

Cole watched in fascination as the man moved with the strains of the sultry guitar, swaying back and forth as he slid his hand inside his shirt, cupping and kneading his chest. In the quiet glimmer
of the bar, he moaned softly as Ryker pinched each of his nipples before slowly brushing the palms of his hands down his washboard abs, rubbing the chiseled flesh back and forth. His breath skipping, Cole took a step forward.

Ryker gave him a wry smile and took a stride back as his continued his sensual dance.

Cole growled and took a long step forward until he was barely a foot away from the delicious creature. “Tease and you’ll be punished.”

“I’m in charge here. You’ll do as I say.” His voice clipped, Ryker’s low husky vibe was barely audible.

Cole snorted as Ryker grazed his hands down the front of his groin, stroking his cock in frenetic movements. Every part of his blood sizzled as the daring dance of lust continued. His heart
beating raggedly, a slight tick appeared in the corner of his eye. He was hungry, horny and wasn’t going to take the torture any longer. Closing the distance between them, he jerked Ryker’s arm, yanking him into the heat of his body. “No, you belong to me.”

As the two men faced each other, their hot breath skipped across the wet shimmer of their bodies and Ryker swallowed hard. “Oh yeah?”

Cole slid his hands across Ryker’s carved chest and sighed. “Yeah.” Crushing his mouth, he forced his tongue inside, tasting a hint of tangy bourbon and a hint of cinnamon. The dazzling
combination was a delicious reminder of how wonderful the flavor of a man could be. He pushed Ryker’s shirt off his shoulders and forced it to the floor, wrapping his arms around his neck. The feel of their cocks pressing together sent an instant slice of anguish deep into his swollen balls.

Ryker grunted, his hands brushing down the length of Cole’s back as he ground his hips back and forth. The kiss became a manic moment of heated passion as both men groaned, touching and feeling each other in a feral dance of lust. Animal against animal, the two savage men were
unwilling to give up control, their actions growing frantic as each fought for complete superiority.

Refusing to give in, Cole’s heart beat hard against Cole’s chest as he forced Ryker back toward the pool table. As the wood sliced into his naked back, Ryker pushed him hard, breaking the kiss.

His eyes dilated, he nipped Cole’s lower lip, taking the tender flesh between his teeth. Growling, he bit down until Cole shivered.

His body shaking, he pressed his hands against his chest, creating a barrier between them. As Ryker continued sucking, drawing drops of his blood, Cole moaned. Entwining his fingers in his long golden locks, Cole jerked Ryker’s head back, breaking the strong hold. A single bead of perspiration trickled down his cheek mixing with the smear of blood.

Ryker’s eyes danced back and forth across his and slowly he leaned forward, gathering the sultry combination, rolling the droplets over his tongue as he hissed. “You taste sweet.”

Kneading his chest, Cole drank in the man’s sun-kissed skin that accentuated the series of vibrant tattoos that decorated the length of both arms. Detailed and highly artistic, even in the
dim lighting Cole could tell the artwork was stunning. Cole leaned forward and nipped the cleft of Ryker’s chin as his slid his hand down to cup and squeeze his balls until Ryker groaned. “You want something?”

“Yes,” Ryker whispered.

“Then you have to give to get.” He licked down from his chin to the underside of his neck and down to dart a series of licks across his nipple until it peaked into a hard bud. The taste of him was
sinfully delicious in a masculine combination of hard work and exotic cologne. He continued stroking Ryker’s cock as he felt his own pressing hard against his jeans, begging for release.

As Ryker tipped his head back and clawed Cole’s arms, a single moan erupted seconds before he closed his eyes and thrust his pelvis forward. “Damn!”

Cole moved to the other nipple, licking and nipping until he bit down hard.

“Sweet Jesus!” Ryker fell back against the pool table with a hard thud, his legs shaking. He fumbled with Cole’s belt buckle until he managed to undo it.

Cole purred and licked back up his chest, finally easing back to stare into his dazzling blue eyes. As Ryker deftly popped the button and lowered the zipper, Cole sighed and studied the man. Everything about him was hard and yet there was a simple grace about him as if his dangerous bad boy persona was just that. Cole could tell by his expensive watch and simple yet elegant gold chain that hung around his neck he had money.

Ryker smiled mischievously and freed Cole’s throbbing cock, licking his lips in shameless appreciation. “Perfect.”

“Then suck me.”

He raised his eyebrow and shook his head. “No.”

Cole laughed and using his military training, had Ryker over the pool table in two deliberate moves, knocking the breath out of him. “Do as I say.” Both men grunting, he ran his hand down to
cup Ryker’s firm buttocks.

Ryker struggled as he laughed. “You will pay for this.”

“We’ll see.” Cole pulled his arms up and pressed them around Ryker’s waist, pulling him tightly against his chest. Perfectly sized together, as Ryker tipped his head back, leaning it on his
shoulder, Cole kissed the side of his neck. “Suck me.” He moved back slowly and placed his hands on his hips. He’d won this round of the power struggle.




Email:  cassandre@cassandredayne.com










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Damn, woman!  That excerpt gave me an attack of the vapors!  I can’t wait to read more.  Thanks so much for stopping by, Cassandre.  And the rest of you— go out and follow those links, damnit!!

Throbbing Thursday’s Guest: Cassandre Dayne

Available September 3rd from Rebel Ink Press

Hey boys n’ girls!  Tomorrow is Thursday and that means that its time for another guest post from a hot writer in the erotica realm.  Tomorrow’s hottie– Cassandre Dayne!  I met Cass last year at Mysticon in Roanoake, VA and we’ve been inseparable since.  Her writing is hot, edgy and never EVER dull!

She’ll be gracing us with a post on Powerful Men and the Women and Men Who Love Them.  And as a special treat, she’s also giving us a taste of her new release, Power Struggle, due out on Sept. 3rd from Rebel Ink Press.  And I must say… I almost didn’t make it through reading the excerpt in the post– its so damn hot!

Anyway… I hope you enjoy.  Leave her some comments and give her some love!