A Day in the Glamorous Life of Lexx

LexxieWe creatives have perfect lives. We get up in the morning and make ourselves a cup of French roast coffee, then sit down in our underwear and blissfully pound out 5,000 golden words in our next masterpiece. By that time it’s just past lunch so that we can get together with our other glamorous friends to plot and discuss our last six-figure royalty check. Finally, dinner rolls around and we order something fabulous to go with the expensive bottle of chardonnay we’ve been chilling.

You know that’s bullshit, right?

No kittens, I’m afraid it isn’t like that at all. Most people in any creative field will tell you that this life isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll likely never be super-famous. You’ll likely never be completely financially stable. Most of us have day jobs and obligations and soccer practices just like everyone else. To prove it to you, I’ve compiled a little glimpse into a day with Lexx.

7:30am: My alarm goes off for the final time after my husband Tally has attempted to beat it to death. I roll out of bed and into the bathtub. Mind you, this is the bathtub with the hole we’ve been fixing with epoxy for two years.

8:30am: I clock in at my dayjob as the jury coordinator for my county. That’s right, when you get pulled for jury duty, I’m the one you call and shout at. I begin answering calls with fairly lame excuses almost as soon as I walk in the door, in addition to helping folks with their court-related questions (What time is court? I forgot to pay this traffic ticket from two years ago and now they want to suspend my license. How much is my fine? I got served with a paper that I’m going to be coy and mysterious about so that you have to guess how to help me.). I put in my eight hour day at work. In between I try to get some words down (usually about 1000) and take care of marketing stuff (newsletter, social media, organizing events, researching ad space, writing blog posts– guess where I’m writing this).

5:00pm: I get home finally. Unless I have some other stuff planned (writers’ group “shenanigans” is on Thursdays, friends’ book signings, etc.), I try to sit down and decompress a little. I read books that I’m reviewing or beta reading, read for pleasure, play with my dog, peruse Facebook, or even nap.

6:00pm: The dear husband gets home and we cook dinner, do some laundry, clean up a bit, and finally manage to sit down and eat something.

7:00pm- 12:00am: I write, or try to write. That is not to say that I don’t get distracted. I have some shows I watch faithfully and often livetweet (@LexxxChristian on Twitter if you’re interested), but I try to write on either my WIP or sometimes blog posts if I need to catch up. I sometimes use this time to load up Hootsuite or create graphics for promotion.

When my day is done, I often drift off to sleep thinking about all the writing projects that I didn’t finish.

The point of all this is: don’t go into writing or any other artistic field thinking that it’s going to be an easy way to make money. Trust me, it isn’t. This dayjob is what pays my bills. I write because I love it. I write because I need to get the words out. I write because I need to escape. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s what I was born to do.


New Year, New Life

Let me begin by saying that this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with writing and publishing except to say that it’s my first, last and most enduring love.  My writing career is something that I don’t want to change except that I’d like to do it better.  I’d like to be better at promotion, more productive and more successful.  And of course we all want to be better writers.  But that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about me changing my life for the better in 2012.

Don’t misunderstand– I am NOT going to make a list of resolutions.  New Year’s Resolutions are stupid.  No one ever sticks to them and they’re likely to be thrown out the proverbial window by 12:30am on January 1st.  But I’ve decided that there are things in my life that I’m not satisfied with and my GOAL for 2012 is to change those things.  After all, we only get one life.  Why waste it being dissatisfied?

First and foremost, I think it’s time for me to do and be what I want to do and be.  We all make the mistake of doing what we think everyone expects of us and in turn end up being resentful.  And I refuse to waste any time being resentful or pushing those I love away because I have deep-seated anger against them.  Therefore, I’ve decided to pursue some interests and see if they pan out.  In the words of Kelly Clarkson (and I hate this song), “Take a risk, take a chance, make a change and break away.”  It may shake some things up.  I may regret it later, but I have to try.

My mother was 66 years old when she died.   I have become VERY AWARE of this fact in the last couple of years.  Why is it important?  Because that means, at my age, my mom was more than halfway through her life.  Will I die at 66?  God,  I hope not.  But do you think if she’d known that, that she would have been content to work at a stressful job that she hated?  That she wouldn’t have pursued her dreams of being a writer or a teacher or an artist?  Don’t get me wrong, my mother loved her life.  She did fulfill her dreams of having a happy, close-knit family.  My sisters and I and our father were her whole life and she would tell you that she didn’t have any regrets.  But do I think there were things she wished she could have accomplished that she didn’t have the chance to.

So this is my proposal. My GOALS (not resolutions) are to:  pursue some new interests, get healthier with exercise and diet, be a better wife and friend, be the best writer I can be, and get rid of unnecessary stress.  Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  We’ll see…