Hurricane Relief

EDIT: This post was done before the devastating events in Puerto Rico. Seeing as how our “president” doesn’t see fit to do much in the relief effort, you can find out how to help our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. 

Hey kids. I usually try to keep things light over here at The Belle, but I felt like it was important to pass along this information. As you know, Hurricane Harvey has devastated parts of Texas, especially the Houston area. If you were curious as to how you can help these folks, here are some organizations that are organizing disaster relief (courtesy of Our Revolution, Texas).

The Texas Workers Relief Fund. A union-relief effort by the Texas AFL-CIO, donations are tax-deductible. The state fed has been closely coordinating with the Houston and Corpus-area central labor councils to provide material aid.

RNRN Disaster Relief Fund. Our ally the National Nurses United organizes medical relief for major disasters through this fund.

Texas DSA. DSA chapters (also allies) have been organizing both volunteers and those in need at a grassroots level. Sign up here to offer help (or ask for it) or donate directly to Houston DSA.

Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund. If you want to donate directly for relief in the Coastal Bend towns hit directly by the hurricane.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Houston’s mayor has set up this fund to assist with victims of Houston’s ongoing and increasingly dangerous flooding. Donations are tax-deductible.

Thanks, y’all.