A Checklist Before Entering the Imaginarium


I’m a crazy person today.  And it’s not likely to get any better.  Those of you that read the Belle regularly know that this isn’t significantly different than how I normally am.  But today there IS in fact a reason.  In a day and a half, I’ll be heading to Louisville, KY for this year’s Imaginarium Convention.   Most of my author friends attend conventions throughout the year: Dragon*Con, MystiCon, ConCarolinas… VaginaCon… just kidding about that last one.  Conventions are hard work, but they’re probably the most fun promotional event I do as an author.  I get to meet people, network and get together with friends I never get to see.  What is the Imaginarium Convention, you ask?  Only the most awesome concept for a Con I’ve ever heard of.  The whole thing started as an innocent conversation between brainchild Stephen Zimmer and some other authors. What if we could take the fun concept of the sci-fi convention and roll it into those expensive writer/ reader cons like RT Con or Romanticon or Book Expo?  Imagine it– an AFFORDABLE convention where writers in ALL GENRES could get together and do panels, readings and signings AND sell their books AND participate in cosplay AND gather with other fanpeople (because we know that most artists are geeks– after all, let us not forget that all fandoms originate with some sort of writer).  Crazy thought isn’t it?  Not so, says Stephen Zimmer! And thus, The Imaginarium Convention was born.

So back to why I’m a crazy person.  Because, like most Cons I participate in, I’m so not ready.  To the untrained eye, when I do panels, I usually look pretty put together.  I have books and cards and my tablet with a scroll of my book covers and I’m wearing lipstick– the whole shootin’ match.  THIS IS ALL A FACADE!  I have a million things to do between now and Friday at 5am when I leave to go up.

Lexxx’s To Do List: 

*  laundry

*  cheap ass beauty maintenance:  self-serv mani-pedi, eyebrow plucking, moisturizing, trimming the verge…

*  robbing Peter to pay Paul

*  packing

*  cutting up the wiener dog’s epilepsy pills so her poor father doesn’t have to do it

*  update all links for flyers

*  create flyers for the #TeamErotica panel

Ask me how much of this has been done.  You guessed it.  None.  So I suppose I’ll get started on that tonight.  In the meantime, if you’re in the Louisville area this weekend, I’d love to see you!  Admission is $35 for the weekend, but I think you can buy day passes.  It’s a steal for anyone who aspires to write, loves to read and discover new authors or just have a fantastic time.  If you’re there, come on over and look for me.  I’ll be the one in the tiara!

For more information about Imaginarium, click the graphic above OR find us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/imaginariumconvention