Such a bad girl…

I have been such a bad girl lately.  With work, trying to write and just generally being tired, I haven’t thought much about updating the blog.  I realize— it’s a crime.  And I will try to do better.  BUT– I will give you a tasty little morsel at the end since you’ve all been so patient with me.

This week I’m starting to think about Fall and all the wonders that come with it.  Most importantly, Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite of the holidays, except maybe for Christmas.  I love the crisp Autumn air, the silly costumes and the spooky chill in the air.  Some of you might know that my husband is an actual ghost hunter– author Tally Johnson– so we always have lots of spooky entertainment going on.  Ghost walks, storytelling gigs, hunts and book signings– its always a busy time of year.

Another fun thing this year will be the “Burlesque Grotesque” Blog Crawl that will be taking place ALL DAY on Halloween (Oct. 31st).  Speaking of which, we still have lots of space for writers that want to take part.  And I’m CALLING ALL WRITERS!!  Not just erotica and romance, but horror, sci-fi, thriller, mystery– if you can imagine it, we want it.  You can post as much as you like on your blog and it could be a blog post, a free read, art, promo– whatever you like, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A SPOOKY/ SEXY THEME.  The concept is a marriage of the grotesque and the sexy burlesque style– loud, bawdy, and in your face.  So make your posts as raunchy as you like.  Think Dita Von Teese as a zombie.  If you’d like to participate, you can email  me at and let me know.  You’ll need to send me the link to your blog and of course your email so we can send you some buttons and banners to display on your site.  The fabulous Siobhan Kinkade will be getting those graphics out in the next couple of weeks so we can get this thing cookin’!

Alright, as promised, here’s a taste of one of my works in progress called “Bloodflower.”  It’s a little story about a badass vampire whose “dying” of boredom until he meets up with an unusual girl.  Hope you  like it….


Seth wandered down the street towards the bridge. He hadn’t bothered to clean up after himself and if he listened carefully he was sure he could already hear the ambulance on the way.  Not that there would be much left to find.  He licked his lips, remembering her taste.  Nothing was quite so satisfying as the taste of blood laced with fear.  The only thing that could compare was the sharp flavor of lust.  It had a certain sweetness mixed with a spice that burned the throat despite its smoothness.  He strolled towards the other end of town, wondering if he should try to find another meal.  He sighed boredly.  What was the point?  Everything seemed so hollow these days.  After a thousand years, it had finally happened.  He was bored with living.  The life of a vampire was solitary, save for a few sycophants that managed to attach themselves to you at one time or another.  And they all wanted the same
thing:  immortality.  Of course, once it was given, they became these melancholy saps that filled up their days bemoaning their fates.  It disgusted him. Being a vampire was the
essence of freedom.  No death, no getting older, no disease.  You were faster, sexier and smarter than anyone else.  You could be anyone.  Do anything.  And those pathetic fops threw it all away.  They moaned about the loss of old friends.  The loneliness.  The never-ending hunger—all of it seemed to be a small price to pay until the reality set in.  After the last time, Seth had decided that being alone was better.  And most frightening of all, he’d realized that he was becoming that which he hated the most—a melancholy sap.  There was nothing left for him.  Humans had hunted them for so long that their numbers had shrunk to nearly non-existent.  Once upon a time he’d been able to sense those of his race nearby, but now the air around him was devoid of his kind.  The inevitable had finally happened—he feared he was the last.

He’d almost decided to make his way home.  If he hurried, he could make it in
time for the newest episode of “True Blood.”  Their Hollywood interpretations of a vampire’s lifestyle was always good for a giggle or two.  He turned down the alley that would lead him to the river.  At this time of night there would be no one there to see him take flight.  Except maybe a couple of homeless people—and who believed homeless people?  They saw flying people all the time.


Alright, I’m out of here for the night.  BUT… I will be back on Thursday for our weekly Throbbing Thursday post with author Sara York!  I’ve read the post and IT IS HOT!! So be sure to check back with the Belle!

~Alexandra Christian, author of Erotic Paranormal Romance

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