#TeaserTuesday “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

CLICK ME to buy for $1.49!

CLICK ME to buy for $1.49!

So I’ve decided to try this #TeaserTuesday thing.  I don’t normally do it, but I’ll give it a whirl.  So the idea is to give a teaser– just a little paragraph– of your book.  My problem is, I have the hardest time finding ONE paragraph that will entice all of you rabid readers.  But I’ll do my best.  BTW– this teaser isn’t exactly SFW. 


“No undergarments.  How scandalous, Miss Spencer,” he rasped against my ear, so close that I could feel his lips moving against the cuff.  He accented his mock displeasure with a firm squeeze.  My nipple immediately tightened under his palm.  Biting back a groan, I leaned back into his embrace.  I could feel his cock, already impossibly hard and trapped in an unforgiving prison of denim, nudging against my backside.  “I could do it, you know,” he continued.  “I could eat you alive.”  His words made my heart pound like a jackhammer against my breast, sending a shockwaves of sensation straight to my center.  Involuntarily, I moved against him, rocking my hips backward in a desperate attempt to get some sort of relief.  Between my thighs was a rainforest, hot and wet.  I wanted so badly to open them and let the cool air sooth my sex.  I was thankful that I had opted for no panties.  I don’t think my body would stand the friction.  “Careful, love,” he whispered, his voice startling me. “It wouldn’t do to have you come right here in the elevator.” 

Copyright © Alexandra Christian, 2014

All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.


Damn, that Alexander Kensington– whew…. I could just eat him up.  Here’s more about the book so you can go buy the WHOLE thing for the bargain price of less than 2 bucks! 

Fangirl favorite Alexander Kingston has a “type”—blonde, willowy and sophisticated. He doesn’t give mousey wardrobe mistress Elizabeth a second look, until she transforms herself and sets out to seduce him.

But dark desires are at play. Before long their erotic encounter will turn into a date to die for.

Inside Scoop: This story contains sinister themes and predatory intentions.

A Romantica® horror erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave 



Interview with a Vampire… No, not that one.

Joining me today at The Belle, I’ve got a most special guest.  That’s right, today I’m going to be talking to Seth, star of my new novella, “Sanguine Kiss.”

AC:  Welcome, Seth.  Thanks for agreeing to talk to us today.  Pardon the garlic garlands.  But we have to keep it safe, sane and consensual you know.

Seth:  Of course, Lexxx.  But you needn’t have worried.  The world is far more interesting with you in it.

AC:  (blushing) You’re such a charmer, Seth.

Seth:  (in a decidedly sarcastic tone) Vampire!

AC:  Indeed.  And speaking of that, tell us a little about your origins.

Seth:  Well, as hard as it might be to believe, I was born in 1341 B.C. in the city of Thebes.  I was a slave to a scribe named Kheti.  One day while I was gathering papyrus reeds by the river, a beautiful woman came upon me.  At first I thought she was the goddess Isis in human form, but her intentions were soon revealed.

AC:  I’m sure that was traumatic.

Seth: Indeed, but she claimed she could turn me to a living God.  Being stupid and young, I believed her.  And well… here I am.

AC:  I have to ask– were the two of you lovers?

Seth: (chuckles) For nearly a thousand years.  Off and on of course.  But as you know, now I have a new love.

AC:  Of course.  That lucky Gillian Thompson.  Why did you choose her for your mate after being alone so long?

Seth:  I don’t know if you realize, but the senses of a vampire are very keen.  Each of you has a distinct scent that is either pleasing or abhorrent.  There are subtle nuances that one can almost taste.  You, for example Ms. Christian, have an extremely spicy and sweet scent.  I would imagine that your blood tastes of cinnamon and chocolate.  Something about Gilly’s scent was so intoxicating.  It was as if her body called to mine.  I loved her in an instant and knew that I would no longer be satisfied without her.  And I suppose I enjoyed that someone needed me.

AC:  (cheeks in flames still over the chocolate remark) How do you feel about how vampires are portrayed in the media nowadays?

Seth:  Rather amusing.  I saw one of those Twilight movies with Gilly a few months ago and spent the whole thing thinking, “What sort of weed were these people smoking?”  A bloodless vampire movie.  It doesn’t surprise me.  Sexiness and allure is part of the vampire’s hunting practice and I’m sure that women find that very appealing.  The problem is, no one depicts what happens afterward.  Don’t get me wrong, I love women.  But there’s nothing I need more than blood.  And I’m sorry, I prefer it warm and directly from the source, if you get my drift (piercing stare that renders the Belle speechless for several moments).

AC: Well… it’s certainly been a pleasure, Seth.  I hope you’ll come back soon and give us some more insight.

Seth:  Anything for you, Lexxx.  I’ll come over and over if you like (eyebrows cocked in obvious innuendo).

(Wrapping a garland of garlic around herself like a feather boa.)  Thanks for joining the blog today, folks.  I certainly HOPE that I’ll be back tomorrow…


For the complete story of Seth and Gillian’s exploits, be sure to go and download a copy of “Sanguine Kiss” from any of the following retailers:


All Romance eBooks

Purple Sword Publications


And if you’d like to sample a little before you buy, please visit my BookPulse page on Facebook.  There’s excerpts, trivia and other fun stuff!


Vampires: Is it still a viable genre?

So I’ve been on vacation for about a week and just as I return I realize that in just a few short days, my next book, a novella entitled “Sanguine Kiss,” will be coming out.  Now I know, the subtitle of my blog has always been, “Curing the glitter rash one vampire at a time,” but ironically this will be my first release that involves vampires.  It seems a bit strange to me to actually be publishing a story in a genre that was always my favorite as a reader.  Up until recent years, I would seek out vampires in literature and movies with a rabid enthusiasm.  What happened to dull my fascination, you ask?  Well.  It’s pretty simple.  Twilight happened.

First off, I promise that I am NOT going to go off on Twlight again.  My blog has been famous in the past for flogging the teenaged vampire porn and all its cousins, but this time I’m not going to give it the same treatment.  I read all the books with morbid fascination.  I admit to enjoying them.  There, I said it.  My biggest problem is the copycatting that has gone on since.  We’ve kind of destroyed the vampire genre with doe-eyed, brooding heroes that lament their immortality and monstrous bloodlust.  I had grown so tired of reading that same story over and over again that it just kind of turned me off of vampire novels period.

The good news is, my exasperation with the entire vampire genre has inspired me to write stories about vampires that I would like to read.  Vampires that can be sexy and charming, but also be brutal killers.  Vampires that relish their immortality and embrace their heightened existence.  So I set out to write a story about that kind of vampire.  “Sanguine Kiss” is the story of a vampire, Seth, who happens upon a suicidal woman.  Instead of granting her wish and simply sucking her dry, he decides to make her his companion.  The heroine, Gillian, is empowered by Seth’s gift rather than destroyed.  It’s also damn sexy.  I offer a small taste… no pun intended…


“Then you do fear death,” she rasped, moving her lips ever so gently against his

Coming soon from Purple Sword Publications


“I only fear not living.” He pushed his long, lithe fingers through her hair, pulling her into a desperate kiss. She gasped for air, opening her mouth to take a breath only to be invaded by him. His tongue slipped along hers, tasting and teasing until all she could do was give herself up to it. He gripped the knot of her hair tightly in his fist, pulling her this way and that, exhausting her until she was drunk with the onslaught of his seduction. He felt her body relax, surrendering to him completely and he knew that if he was to taste of her blood that this was the opportune moment he’d been waiting for. She arched her back, letting her head fall limply to the side as if offering the bulging blue vein to him. He could feel his fangs, heavy and sore with the venom, lengthen in preparation to strike.

“I don’t remember how,” she whimpered.

“I can show you.” Sliding his arms around her, he pulled her into another embrace. This time she went willingly, melding her mouth to his and opening to him at once. Their tongues mingled and for a just a second, he could remember what it was like to be human. The rush of the blood that flooded to the extremities, the heart racing as if trying to keep up. Feeling like dying but wanting more and more. Gillian moaned softly, a small sound that only he could hear, as she squirmed, trying to get closer

to him. With a strong grip around her wrist, he pulled her into his lap, guiding her thighs to rest against his hips. He could feel the moist heat of her sex radiating through the worn denim jeans that wrapped around her like a second skin. His hands slid down her back to cup the curve of her ass and pull her tighter against him. Looking up into her face he could see the tears glistening on her cheeks. “I promise you’ll never despair again,” he whispered, stroking his thumb across her cheekbone. When he pulled it back, he showed her the wetness collected on the pad of his thumb. She blushed, crying again even as he was giving her hope, but he offered a warm smile. She watched as he rubbed his fingers together. “Ashes to ashes,” he whispered. “Dust to dust.” Her breath caught when the glittery diamond dust began to fall from his fingertips and light on the dark background of her sweater.

“What…how…?” she gasped, her mouth hanging agape. “What are you?”

He didn’t answer, but tangled his hands in her hair, pulling her down for another kiss. She did not protest, but responded eagerly even as his hands slid under her sweater to rest, cool and still on her flesh. “The one who’s going to fuck Jackson Garrett right out of your pretty little head,” he growled, running his hands over each breast, then cupping them firmly.


Sexy enough for ya?  Yeah… me too.  I love that Seth *fanning self*.  “Sanguine Kiss” releases from Purple Sword Publications on Sept. 12th.  It will be available through Purple Sword, Amazon, B&N, AllRomance eBooks and anywhere else that great eBooks are sold.

Something a little sensual for your Saturday

OK… this is more than I could post for SSS, so I thought I’d give a little taste here.  It’s pretty dirty.  It involves lots of blood.  It’s my new vampire story, Bloodflower…


The streaks of blood were a map to her center and he followed it without hesitation.

Her sex was so smooth.  He reached out to touch it, gathering some of the blood that had collected in the corner of his mouth and using it to paint around her opening, then licking it away until she was arching up against his mouth, begging him for more.  He was more than willing and pulled the outer lips of her sex between his lips to kiss each one in turn.  Pulling back, he admired the glow of her skin as the blood rushed to the surface. With two fingers, her pulled and tugged at the dewy petals until they were plumped with it.

“Seth…” she sighed, her voice trailing off into an unintelligible moan as he took each side into his mouth in turn, rolling the moist flesh between his lips, careful not to bite.  As he teased them, they began to part, revealing those secret destinations deep inside.  His fingertips were all too willing to help
them along, pulling the lips wide apart and flicking the swollen nub of flesh
that was carefully hidden behind.  Willow’s breath was slow, coming in shallow gasps as he kissed and nibbled at it.  She could feel the moist heat rush to her sex and she struggled to pull her legs further apart to urge him on, but still, every movement was a struggle as the venom crept slowly through her system.  As he kissed at the tiny clitoris, his fingertips slid up her body, swirling in the pools of blood still dripping from her breasts and belly.  She
looked down, watching as he brought the fingers to his lips, tasting the blood
and then pushing the fingers forcefully into her sex.  He moved them inside in gentle circles, then stroking them in and out until her blood mixed with the slippery wetness of her sex.  He lapped it up like a man dying of thirst.  Willow’s voice rose in octaves, higher and higher as she surrendered to the pleasure of his foreplay.  The loss of blood had made her delirious,
sighing and crying out of her head.  He twisted his wrist slightly, pushing two of his slip-sliding, long and sinuous fingers into her until he could feel that secret place high up within.   His thumb made wide circles around her clit
until he could feel her tensing with her impending climax.  She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t make a sound.  Just as she tumbled over the
edge, he sank his teeth into the vein that pulsed just below the skin at the
junction of her thighs.  She screamed with the orgasmic pleasure and the ultimate anguish as he drank deeply, pulling her lifesblood into him, not wanting to leave a single drop.  She screamed, knowing this was the end but
she didn’t care.  Her whole life was reduced to the pinpoint of light she could see behind her eyes as he made her come.

And then it was dark.


Take THAT, Edward Cullen….

So you think it’s hot enough??