CLICK ME to view the site!

CLICK ME to view the site!

Do you often find that you can’t find romances for women who think like you?  Tired of the same old poorly written BDSM romances?  Those lackluster cowboy romances that descend into sweaty, filthy rolls in the literal hay?  Bad dialogue, trite plots and tragic editing seems to be the rule of the day in romance right now.  So how’s a few girls with great stories supposed to cope?  Big 6 publishing doesn’t want them.  Small press is overwhelmed.  Self-publishing seems to be a crowded room with everyone shouting at the same time.  Well, Little Red Hen is going to change all that.

The Little Red Hen is all about the quick fix fantasy with short romances from every sub-genre at lengths anywhere from 4000 to 8000 words. Read us on your lunchbreak, waiting in line, after you brush your teeth and say your prayers at night – in the bathtub if you’re very, very careful not to drop your reader. Whether your fantasy beloved is a cop, a Roman general, a billionaire playboy, the captain of a steam-powered airship, a supernatural creature of the night, or whoever, chances are good that you’ll find him here somewhere in a story with sparkling dialogue, tender sensuality, and a heroine you can relate to and care about. The authors at Little Red Hen have more than ten years’ experience writing romance for money with some of the biggest romance publishers in the world. They don’t write “hate reads;” they write the romances they dream of for themselves. Every e-book is free from Amazon for its first week of release, then 99 cents thereafter, so check back often for new titles. Or drop us a line at, and we’ll put you on our monthly newsletter list!

So spread the word! FINALLY some romance for the rest of us.  EVERY subgenre of romance is in the repertoire, just keep checking back for new titles, starting May 1st!!  And they aren’t kidding– all stories will be #FREE the first week and 99 cents forever after. 

Here’s the site, in case you missed it:

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