Writing vs. Distractions

Fated Bonds Cover Final fix attemptHello boys n’ girls!  Today I’m welcoming author H.C.Playa to the blog today to talk a little about writing versus distractions– a post we all need to be reading.  Especially ME.  She’ll also be telling you a little about her new book from Inkstained Succubus, Fated Bonds.

Writing vs Distractions

As a writer, one question I get is, “How do you balance writing and distractions?”

There isn’t one magic method that works for everyone. I know that isn’t what you want to hear. Sometimes life pulls you in ten different directions. We all have responsibilities. At the end of the day, the difference between the author and someone who dreams of being an author is that the former not only makes time to write, but writes. I’ll say something else you may not want to hear. Self-discipline plays a big role, but there’s more to it than that.

For me it’s about desire and passion. Which fires me more, playing a game of Bejeweled or writing a scene? Writing can be hard. When you are there with your character as they go through the hells you create, it can drain you almost as much as real life sometimes. It can also be exciting and uplifting. I can’t really claim that perusing social media or clicking another round of bejeweled does much beyond numbing my brain. I’m as guilty as the next person of falling prey to the distractions of the internet and life in general.

I’m a divorced mother of three kids. I have a house full of furry critters. I have a significant other. I’m in graduate school. I even have hobbies, read, and watch television now and again. It would be very easy to say I’ll write later, when the kids are older, when life is less chaotic, when I have a better job, etc. I started writing when I was a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers and an infant. If I had waited, I might never have even discovered what I’m capable of achieving. As a mother, I can promise that life never gets less chaotic. The day it does, I know I’m doing something wrong.

I may not write every day or have the best-weeded garden (okay, it often gets overrun with weeds, but I grow great herbs!), but I follow my passions, of which writing is one. If writing is your passion, pursue it. DO IT. At the end of the day, if you really want something, be it writing, a degree, whatever, you will find a way.

As a treat, here’s an excerpt from Fated Bonds, my newly released novel:

Light glimmered ahead and she spotted a flash of movement. She poured on speed and crashed through the brambles and bare branches which half-covered the mine entrance. She blinked twice to adjust to the anemic sunlight of winter. Martez’s black leather jacket made an easy target among the barren winter trees and brush. Gotcha, you murderous little asshole.

Tala closed the distance between them with swift long strides. Martez glanced over his shoulder, spotted her, and his hand went in his jacket. Tala halted and aimed her gun at his head. A mere handful of steps separated them.

“Hold it, Martez.”

Martez stumbled to a stop and looked back over his shoulder again.

“Go ahead. Give me a reason to pull this trigger.”

Dark eyes evaluated her and then his hands slowly came up to rest behind his head. He sank to his knees on the ground.

For one long moment Tala considered killing him anyway. Her hands shook with the rage that burned inside her. She stalked closer, a wild animal scenting an easy meal. She circled and looked him in the eyes. He remained still, a rabbit cornered by a fox. She could do it. A telltale bulge betrayed the shoulder holster and the weapon under his jacket. She knew enough to make it look legit. Internal Affairs wouldn’t look too hard; they weren’t sympathetic towards cop killers.

You can find Fated Bonds on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or order from InkStained Succbus. Also, feel free to check out my blog (hcplaya.wordpress.com), find my on Facebook (HC Playa), or follow my on Twitter (@HCPlaya). If you’ve read the book and liked it, consider leaving a review on Amazon.


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