Does She Ever Talk About Writing Anymore?

Yeah, I know.  I’ve gotten to where, on my blog at least, I’ve beenme and amy (2) talking a lot about my other interests.  And I hope that’s okay.  I hope that’s a contributing factor as to why I’ve had a serious upswing in my followers and traffic to my quaint little blog.  The fact is, I’ve gotten to where I hate reading the same things over and over on every writing blog that I follow.  I’m going to list some topics and… stop me if you’ve heard them…

*  Where do you get ideas?

*  How to get the most bang for your marketing buck?

*  Various sex topics (BDSM techniques, positions, sex toys, etc.)

*  How to get published.

*  I hate/ love social media.

I bet they sound pretty familiar huh?  Yeah, me too.  And everyone has the same old answers.  So recently,  I just decided, fuck it.  I’m going to blog about stuff that interests me, stuff that I observe, things I see online or on television, music… whatever.  Now don’t worry… I will still pop up with little pearls of wisdom about my writing, my process and of course my books (duh… I’m a whore just like everyone else). And I always try to tie it to writing in some respect.  After all, pop culture inspires the hell out of me.  So coming up this week, I will post my hot and heavy, drooling review of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug entitled:  How Benedict Cumberbatch Laid Waste to My Ovaries. 

1000573_490362137720823_1050310338_nAnd speaking of Mr. Cumberbatch, I have to make some noise about the weirdest thing I saw on the internet via Facebook on Sunday.  Y’all know that I am a fangirl.  I admit it.  I’ve even come out in defense of Fanfiction (scroll backwards in the posts, you’ll find it).  My Pinterest and sometimes Facebook feed are awash with my little obsessions.  I livetweet about Sleepy Hollow and American Horror Story and I’m sure that I’ll be livetweeting about BBC’s Sherlock in a couple of weeks (any of you in the UK, if you give me spoilers before Jan. 19th, I’ll kick you til yer dead).  Anyway, I digress. 

On Sunday, I was reading a blog post that was relating the story of a Q&A done right after the screening of Sherlock, Series 3, Ep.1: The Empty Hearse.  The Q&A panel was “moderated” by Caitlin Moran, a fairly well known writer/interviewer/some might say feminist.  The long and short of it is, Ms. Moran thought it would be a laugh to have the show’s stars read a fanfiction aloud to a crowd of many.  I haven’t watched the Q&A in question because I’m avoiding any spoilers of any kind, but from what I hear– it was pretty damn uncomfortable for everyone.  For one thing, the hot rumor is that she told the actors that it was not explicit.  Apparently, her definition of explicit was not shared with the class and it quickly descended into a Brokeback Mountain kind of uncomfortable (remind me to tell you sometime about that).  Anyway, from what I understand, the actors were good sports, though they did politely scold her for the pointless endeavor that kind of lessened what should have been a serious discussion. But of course, just like with anything “fandom related” (insert dramatic music here), that was just half the story.  The real story is the… what’s a good word to describe it… RABID twitter/ tumblr battle that ensued in the aftermath.  In fact I think we could call it “The Q&A:  The Desolation of Twitter” (see what I did there?)! 

Now I’m in some fan groups.  I’m on Twitter.  I wouldn’t say I have my finger on the pulse of the “Collective.”  I can just observe when their eyes are dilated (hidden obscure references abound).  And lemme tell ya, it got a little bit out of hand.  People ridiculing fanfiction, people ridiculing slash fanfiction, people ridiculing feminists… honestly, the Twitter board I saw yesterday read like a girls’ locker room throw down over the captain of the football team.  So what do I think about all this?  As if anyone cares…

1.)  Essentially, the actors in question (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, in case you’ve been under a rock this year), had their say and have moved on with their lives.  We should too.

2.)  Bullying and mudslinging from both sides is just stupid. Take off your sheet, put your big girl pants on and be fanWOMEN, not fanGIRLS.  That goes for you too, Ms. Moran. 😉

3.) The writer of the fanfiction had nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever.  She’s a good writer and should be proud that she’s brave enough to put herself out there for strangers to read. 

4.) You guys know what I write and I’ve had to read it in public before. They were my own, original words and it still made me blush.  Putting unsuspecting people on the spot like that is just cruel.  And also seems to diminish what they do.  I’m just sayin’– all the artists in that scenario were insulted.

5.)  Everyone makes mistakes and looks like a big ol’ donkey butt every now and then.  Granted, they don’t usually do it in public in front of international stars, fans, television executives and journalists… but we do act like cunts from time to time.  I’m sure that the world isn’t going to fall apart any time soon just because this was Ms. Moran’s turn. 

All righty, then…so yeah, the blog.  I’m going to try to do some updating this week.  My shows are in hiatus for the holidays, so nothing on that.  But I’m sure I can find something to talk about.  Probably mishaps with tree decorating, the recipe for the best fudge ever, more fangirling… no, fanWOMENing.  OK, I’m not sure that’s going to catch on.  It’s kind of awkward…

6 thoughts on “Does She Ever Talk About Writing Anymore?

  1. I haven’t seen the clip, and I don’t know Ms. Moran’s work, but it sounds to me like she was engaging in that oh so popular new method of “artistic expression” called Let’s Humiliate Somebody and See Who Laughs! And she didn’t care if it were the actors or the writer or the fandom or whoever – let’s just give the nattering nabobs something to sneer and snicker at. That seems to be the new way to prove how cool you are as an “artist.” About a decade ago, somebody declared the Death of Irony (this was somehow related to Russell Crowe in a toga, though I don’t quite remember the connection; I just sorta went with it). Earlier this year, I was shocked to learn that a “hipster” is now someone to despise. This would all be great if we had replaced it with a celebration of genuine feeling and a sense of inclusiveness that recognizes the value in all different kinds of style and expression. But no, it just means that instead of pointing up the flaws of things we understand but don’t enjoy, we just screech like monkeys at anything at all that isn’t “our” thing whether we understand it or not and fling the rhetorical equivalent of our poo in the air. And not to sound hipster, but that ain’t my scene. In other words, stories like this just make me feel old. 😉
    And btw, I am very much on board with the new direction of your blog – more fun, less drudgery is ALWAYS a good thing. And I may be prejudiced, but I think you give great fun.


  2. The sad thing is, Lucy, I’ve read some of Ms. Moran’s articles and she sounds like one of us. Meaning me and you, not… anyway… She’s always been sassy but respectful and courteous in her articles. I’m pretty certain it was just a judgment call gone horribly wrong. I would like to think that her not responding to any of the press this has gotten is her stepping back and realizing that hey, that wasn’t such a good idea. But sadly, she’s probably laughing all the harder because some fangirls are proving her point for her. I just hate that the artists are getting caught in the crossfire. And by the way, the play by play I heard from this lovely blog about London culture: noted that she was also quick to make jibes at the production team as well.

    And thank you so much for saying I give great fun. I do try to be fun to read! And yes, you are biased! 🙂


  3. I’m always behind the whole, “It’s your blog, say what you want” mindset. Heck, I fangirl all the time in mine. (Haven! Haaaaaveeeeen!)

    Here’s a topic…talk about me. 😉

    As for the Desolation of Twitter, some people like to do some stupid stuff.


  4. You know what, I think that what you said at the beginning about writing about things you see or think or whatever is better. And yep, promote your book. I already read it, didn´t know it right?


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