Bitch, I Will Eat You! : Weekly Roundup on AHS Coven

american-horror-story-coven-2Well, I have to admit that I was hesitant this week.  My other show, Sleepy Hollow, was extremely disappointing this week.  So I was fearful that AHS was going to be another disappointment.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  Pardon me while I gush a little.  Everything about this week’s episode was fuckin’ amazing!  From the Gator Boy-Hillbilly Mass-uh-cree at the beginning to the Drivin’ Miss Daisy “You’re my best friend” Exchange at the end.  So I’ve just compiled a little list of my favorite things from this week’s episode.  WARNING!! SPOILERS!!!

1.  The best line of the night was spoken by Gabourey Sidibe as badass teen witch, Queenie.  “Bitch, I will eat you!”  I think I’ll be using this in every day conversation for the rest of the week.  It was just so unexpected.  I spewed Coke all over the dog.

2.  Marie Laveau’s Revenge.  Hey, I’m a southern belle– da voudou is in my blood.  I thought the scene where Madame LaLaurie is relating to Fiona about how she came to be immortal was fantastic.  The writers really thought it out and the sonsabitches actually made you feel sorry for Delphine.  For a second anyway.  It wasn’t overly complicated but everything fell into place.  And of course, Kathy Bates’s understated emotional performance was as always– stunning.

3.  Fiona and Marie Sparring at the Beauty Shop.  I can’t say enough about how much I love these two actresses.  Their bitchy banter back and forth sets up their relationship and explains a little more about the Tituba mythos that is apparently going to be a big deal this season.

4.  Frankenboy.  Maybe it’s a tired horror cliché, but I loved the idea of sewing all the parts together to raise Kyle from the dead.  Though I’m curious to see how they’re going to continue that storyline more than a couple of episodes without it becoming… moldy.  Hopefully Stevie Nixx is going to help us out with that.

5.  Finally an Integral Sex Scene.  I’m just a sicko erotica writer, but I thought the sex scene between Cordelia and her husband (when did she get a husband?!) was one of the hottest ever.  It beat the hell out of Black Magic Pussy, anyway.

As I mentioned before, there’s so many things about this episode that I liked that it was extremely hard to find favorite things.  I will say that it has already surpassed the previous seasons, so for that I say– BRAVO! As always, feel free to leave complaints and grievances below.

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