Backlist Spotlight: Sanguine Kiss

sanguinekiss_200x300Hello, my darklings!  I’ve dubbed this week “Backlist Extravaganza!”  Cool name, huh?  I thought it might be nice to spotlight some of my older books in preparation for some new stuff I have on the way.  It’s amazing– I actually have old books.  It seems kind of surreal to say that.

First up, a book that is pretty close to my heart.  I think I started writing it a couple of years ago.  See, I used to be a HUGE fan of vampire novels.  Then I just got so outdone with the whole genre that I stopped reading.  So I decided that I needed to write a vampire book that I’d like to read.  One where the vampire isn’t lamenting his immortality or sparkling.  A book that would basically give the fangs back to my favorite paranormal anti-hero.  Sanguine Kiss is my answer to the sparkling vampire phenomenon.  Seth, my main character, is an unrepentant bloodsucking fiend. He meets up with Gillian, a suicidal jilted lover, and in turn shows her that revenge is best served cold.  I promise you’ll love it.  Take a look….


“My kindness?” he purred, using the point of his elongating canine to lightly prick the skin just under her ear. “What kindness?”

“Well,” she breathed, her nervousness quickly swirling into a lustful abandon, brought on by the effects of his wicked enchantment. “You saved me from that…man…”

A drop of blood appeared at the site of the tiny nick, and he lapped it away with a few swirls of his tongue, giving himself a small taste. “Saved you? What makes you think I was saving you?” he asked, his tongue slip sliding over the bloody wound.

“But you stopped…” Her words were cut short as he sank his teeth into the soft space in the curve of her throat. She tried to scream, but her vocal cords were of little use as the razor sharp fangs sliced through them in a matter of seconds. The venom in his saliva quickly infected the wound, making the blood flow faster and faster until finally he was drinking deeply, barely having to suckle. Her body relaxed into his deadly embrace, and she felt lighter as he drained the precious fluid from her veins. He pulled back, letting her head loll against his shoulder. She looked up into his eyes fearfully, seeing her own death in them. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks, and he could read her thoughts. She begged him to let her go, pleaded for her life. She thought about how the pain was gone, replaced by a dark nothingness that was creeping in slowly.

“Tell me, love,” he whispered in her ear. “Do you want to fly?” She tried to make a noise, but her severed vocal cords would only allow a weak grunt. The vampire smiled, blood smearing his lips and chin. “Very well.” He pulled her tight against him, his arms cradling her as if she were a small child. A deep breath and they were rising off of the ground, rushing toward the clouds with a reckless exhilaration. Her heartbeat, so slow now that it was nearly inaudible, even to his heightened perceptions, shuddered erratically against his chest as he held her. Higher and higher they rose until the buildings far below were mere pinpoints of light.

She had one last thought before he sank his teeth into the wound again, draining the last bit of life from her limp body.

“Are you an angel?”

He laughed, pulling himself away from her at the last possible second. He mustn’t take her death into himself.

“Fallen, love,” he whispered before letting her go.


He’s a hot little bastard, isn’t he?  Now, you know the drill, kittens.  Follow the link below or click on the picture above to whiz on over and buy the book!


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