Back in the Saddle Again: A Taste of the WIP

vampire attackWell it was a fantastic vacation!  A whole week of lying in the sun and relaxing was just what the doctor ordered.  But now I’m brown as a nut and ready to jump back in. Today was the first day back at the day job and to say I was swamped would be a HUGE understatement.  But me and Murphy are back on the couch and I’m in writing mode.

Last week I really started to connect to my new WIP, a little novel tentatively titled “The Bride.” Its a memoir of the most favored bride of Count Dracula.  I’m sure you’ll all be hearing about it ad nauseum over the course of the next few months.  I have a self-imposed deadline of December 13th to have this bad boy finished.  Why Dec. 13th?  Well… it has to do with “The Desolation of Smaug”, Benedict Cumberbatch and a little dragon-shifter smut book that I’ve had on the back burner for a while.  But I digress…

I thought that to celebrate my homecoming and to give you guys a chance to point and laugh, I’d post a little morsel of what I’ve been working on. Feel free to tell me what you think and by all means, tell your friends!


–From Jonathan Harker’s journal (of course that’s where it has to begin… sheesh…)

Each of these devil brides wear the faces of angels.  The eldest, one called Michalea, is statuesque and dark.  Her heavy black hair falls to her waist in a cascade of fine silk.  Her skin speaks of her exotic heritage.  She must be from somewhere in a Far Eastern land, for her skin is the color of tea and she smells of cinnamon and clove.  I always associate this scent with the opium dens of Chinatown.  Her mouth speaks in strange, lazy tongues that fill me with a sensuality unlike anything I’ve ever felt.  Then there is Theodora.  Upon her death she was practically a child.  When she speaks, it takes on a strange and melodious tone like that of a girl much younger.  Her dark locks frame her round, childish face and it only makes her fanged grin more terrifying.

Then there is Ana.  It is obvious that this one is The Count’s favorite.  Her hair blows around her face in a halo of golden curls that are so unlike the others.  She rarely speaks, but her voice is like low, rumbling thunder.  There is nothing delicate about her features.  Her mouth is full and wide with lips stained blood red.  Her brow is heavy and her cheekbones sharp.  Each time I see her I am struck by her exotic beauty.  She often speaks to me, telling me stories of the ghosts that lurk in every corner, leftover spirits of past miseries.  When she feeds from me, it is so sensual and sweet, that I have no fear of dying.  Mina, I can only pray for your forgiveness.  Please believe that her comfort is out of necessity and that my only conscious thoughts are getting back to you!


So whatcha think?  Waste of time or pure genius?  I’m gonna go with pure genius.  😉  If you just can’t wait, don’t forget that I have lots of vampire stories in my backlist, so feel free to check me out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks , Mocha Memoirs Press, Purple Sword Publications and anywhere else kickass eBooks are sold!

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