New Book! His Phantom Caress

HisPhantomCaress_72dpiCan ghost stories be sexy?  Believe it or not its a big contraversy.  My husband, author Tally Johnson, is a ghost hunter of much reknown.  In fact, one of these days he’ll be on TV exposing the masses to his southern accent and wit, but I digress.  He says that a ghostly erotic romance is unrealistic because it would be like “making love to a warm summer breeze.”  Yes, that was a direct quote.  Knowing how he feels about this topic, I was very cautious when constructing the new installment of the Strange Bedfellows series.

In the book, Cali and the Oubliette gang are trying to reunite a grieving widow, Elizabeth, with her dead husband, Rhys.  They had the perfect life and were about to start a family together.  That is, until Rhys died suddenly. leaving Elizabeth questioning her sanity and desperate for closure.  She turns to Cali for help, but bringing someone back from the dead isn’t easy.  Enter a mysterious necromancer named Salazar who seems to be the answer to their prayers.  But accepting his help means accepting an ominous proposition.

Rhys Grayson is, essentially, a ghost.  In a very Patrick Swayze/ Demi Moore ghostly kind of way.  Ultimately, the goal of this story was to allow the husband and wife one more night of passion before he crosses over.  But every time I sat down to write it, I could hear Tally and his “warm summer breeze” comment.  I  had to come up with a way to make Rhys more substantial.  To add a bit more realism to the story.  Now, I know that sounds insane.  It’s a paranormal romance, screw the realism.  But there are a lot more folks that believe in ghosts than don’t.  And I didn’t want to insult those folks’ intelligence by having a sloppy story.  So what started out as 10,000 words turned into 20,000 words.  But I think the length is worth it.


What would you give for one more night?

Rhys and Elizabeth Grayson had a charmed life.  A beautiful house, a passionate marriage and a bright future ahead, until one day, their dreams were shattered when Rhys suddenly died.  Alone and drowning in grief, Elizabeth has nowhere to turn until she stumbles across Cali Barrows and The Oubliette.  The otherworldly talents of Cali and her vampire lovers, André and Leo, are Elizabeth’s only hope for being reunited with her beloved.  But the journey into the ethereal is a dangerous one and lost souls are not easily found. How far is Elizabeth willing to go to say goodbye?  How far to feel the warmth of his phantom caress?

Check out this next installment in the series, available NOW.

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