Howloween Blog Hop: Dollface Excerpt

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Hey there boils and ghouls! It’s me again and I’m back with a little horror for your Halloween.  That’s right, the Belle has written a straight horror piece that’s properly sick and twisted.  Yes, never trust the plain Jane that seems so innocent…just sayin’…

“Pull yourself together, Caroline,” she scolded, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.  “This town is full of boys.  What makes that one so special?”  Getting up from the floor, she crept over to her bed that occupied the center of the cramped little room.  Everything looked cozy and inviting.  Everything was in place as it had been when she’d made the bed earlier.  The same bed she’d had all her life was made up with her mother’s patchwork quilt and lots of fluffy pillows.  The rafters overhead hung with strings of white Christmas lights, offering a soft glow to the room that was almost as good as a fireplace.  All around the room were shelves full of books, mostly romances and her schoolbooks.  Atop each one was a line of dolls that she had been collecting since age three.  All of them peered down at the room through their glassy blue eyes, some of them even winked from years of dust being caught in the eye-hinges. They were her most trusted companions these days.  She could tell them anything and they always smiled back.  They didn’t care if she were pretty or clever.  They didn’t care that she often felt closer to dead bodies than people.

            “Nothing.  They’re all alike.”

             Caroline looked around, hearing the voice so clear that it took her aback.  “ Who’s there?” she called, her voice quivering and cracking. 

            “No one.  No one is here but us.  No one ever will be.”

            She turned to see all of her dolls staring down at her from their perches up above.  Their smiling porcelain faces and bouncy sausage curls seemed to taunt her.  “That’s not true.”

            “Of course it is, Caroline.  No one loves you like we do.”

            “You’re dolls.  Just toys!  You aren’t real!”  Her breath came in short gasps as she covered her ears and tried to block out their laughter. 

            “He laughs at you, Caroline.  Just like everyone.”

            “He does not!  He’s kind!  Not like all the others…”

            “He and that bitch, Ginny, are probably laughing about ‘weird old Caroline’ right now.”

            Caroline sank down to the bed.  “Stop it,” she cried, pulling a pillow over her ears.  “It’s not true!  You aren’t real!”

            “Only a doll could ever love you, Caroline.  Only a doll would never leave you.”

            It was true.  These dolls had been with her since she was an infant.  They were always there.  Always smiling.  And suddenly she knew what she had to do.


That Caroline… she’s a sick little girl.  Who said no harm could come of playing with dolls.  Anyway, dont’ forget to drop me a comment telling me your favorite Halloween tale and an email addy so I can add you to my list of miscreants.  I will be announcing the big wiener on Halloween night here on the blog, on my Facebook Fan Page and of course– I’ll email you too.  Don’t forget… just click the blog hop button at the top to visit MORE fantastic authors!

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