The Howloween Blog Hop #1

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So some bright star (ahem… me) decided it would be a good idea to participate in TWO, that’s right TWO blog hops this season.  So congratulations!  You get twice the Lexxx for half the price.  Kind of a “Buy One Get One Free” sort of arrangement.  But let me tell you a little bit about this hop.  I’ll be giving away a PDF copy of EITHER Sanguine Kiss or “Dollface.”  It’s up to you, dear reader, to decide which you prefer of my most horrific offerings.  All you have to do is leave me a comment on one of the Halloween Blog Hop posts that tells your email addy (of course) and your favorite spooky story (it can be a book, a story, a movie or a real life paranormal experience).  On Halloween Night I will announce TWO winners to recieve their choice of eBook. 

That being said, I have to give you a synopsis of each book so you can start thinking which one you’d like best….



“Dollface” is the story of Caroline, a plain Jane, small town Southern girl who just happens to be a funeral home cosmetian. Everyone in town likes Caroline,  though they’ve always felt that there was something not quite right about her.  For years Caroline has pined in silence for the funeral director’s son, Scott Bauer. Scott has always been kind, but never returned her affections. Her world comes tumbling down when she discovers that Scott is to be married and will leave her forever. She can’t let that happen and will go to unnatural lengths to keep him.  (Straight horror)

Vengeance is only the beginning…
Gillian Thompson wants to end her life. Deserted by her lover and desperate for peace, she thinks that death is the only answer. But life never closes one door without opening a window. On a fateful night, the one that should be her last, she meets the dark and mysterious Seth, who seems to understand the depth of her pain. Rather than let her kill herself, he offers Gillian a new life beyond pain and regret. A life bathed in bloody kisses and bittersweet vengeance. (M/F erotic romance)
This weekend I’ll be posting little snippets of each, so you don’t have to decide right now.  Have fun on the HOP.  And don’t forget to visit the other sites and leave lots of comments.  There are so many great giveaways…
If I’ve piqued your interest or if you just want to come point and laugh, I can be found at the following locales:


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My books can be found  at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks and anywhere quality eBooks are sold.

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