An Amazing Weekend

OK folks, its time for that part of the morning that I like to call:  What’s been goin’ on, Lexxx?  Well, I have to say that it was a fantastic weekend!  I got the opportunity to hang out with two great authors, S.H. Roddey and Crymsyn Hart and their hubbies on Saturday night.  Not only did we get to hang out, but we got the unique opportunity to go to The Visualite Theater in Charlotte to see two phenomenal acts:  the “funny goth dude” Voltaire and Big Momma D’s House of Burlesque.  I had an amazing time!  I’m not sure if it’s because as a starving artist I just haven’t been out much or what, but I just can’t stop talking about it.

It all started because the story I just finished up and submitted is a story about a Vaudeville era burlesque dancer.  As I was writing the story, I kept thinking that I really needed to go and see a true burlesque show.  And like magic the opportunity dropped in my lap.  A friend of mine said that she knew of a burlesque show that happened regularly near my home in Charlotte, NC.  She checked it out and saw that there was indeed a show coming up.  And what was better was that in addition to the burlesque, one of my favorite musical artists, Aurelio Voltaire, was also going to be playing that night.  So despite my “brokeness” I irresponsibly bought a ticket and off we went.

If you have never been to a true, old time burlesque act, take my advice:  DO IT!  Now ladies, you might be thinking “Why on Earth would I want to go to a strip club?”  It is NOT a strip club.  Burlesque, which actually didn’t start out to even have a striptease performer, is a collection of bawdy acts that might include:  musicians, singers, comedians, magicians and yes– a striptease.  But with burlesque, there’s more tease and less strip.  All sorts of clever tricks are employed to titilate the audience but you never get “the full monty.”  Only at the very end are you shown a hint of the promised land, carefully concealed with sparkly pasties.

Let me tell you why this show was one of the most amazing live acts I’ve ever seen and indeed, why it’s way better than going to a strip club.  As a woman, I felt empowered not inadequate.  The women who were performing onstage didn’t give a shit whether they were arousing the men in the audience, they were getting off on doing something they enjoyed and reveling in the art of it all.  They are beautiful women who come in all shapes and sizes.  That’s right– ALL shapes and sizes.  They weren’t skinny-minnies or silicon goddesses.  They looked like women you might sit beside at the coffeeshop or engage in polite conversation in line at the movies.  Most importantly, all of them were women that you’d want to hang out with on the weekends.  Fun, full of life and and personality– they made me feel like I could be one of them.  And that was such a rush!

So if you’re in the Charlotte area, make sure you check out their website and find out when the next show is.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “An Amazing Weekend

  1. I’m sooo jealous – next time, Max and I are so going with y’all. And incidentally, after your fabulous night out, you made a truly kick-ass caramel cake. So this really was your weekend – any writing ideas that came to you, write’em down!


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