Thursday Thirteen #2: Dollface

Hey kids!  I decided to share 13 sentences from my backlist today.

Dollface” is the story of Caroline, a plain Jane, small town Southern girl who just happens to be a funeral home cosmetian. Everyone in town likes Caroline,
though they’ve always felt that there was something not quite right about her.
For years Caroline has pined in silence for the funeral director’s son, Scott
Bauer. Scott has always been kind, but never returned her affections. Her world
comes tumbling down when she discovers that Scott is to be married and will
leave her forever. She can’t let that happen and will go to unnatural lengths to
keep him.


“Alright, Mrs. Marshall, this won’t hurt a bit,” Caroline said as she began scraping the fine grained sandpaper over the scarring on her forehead.  “Just a little smoothing to make the foundation go on easier.”  She always talked to them—her clients, as she liked to think of them.  It made her feel better about it andmaybe it would help them on their way to resting in peace.  “You wouldn’t believe all the people in town who are just devastated over your passing.  People really loved you, you know.”  It was true.  Almost everyone in town knew Mrs. Marshall and thought very highly of her.  She leaned down and examined the wound closer before brushing away the dried skin that had flaked off.  “Almost,  Mr. Bauer did an excellent job with these sutures.  They shouldn’t be hard to cover at all.”  A few more passes with the sandpaper and Mrs. Marshall was done.    Caroline  rummaged through the collection of jars in her box until she found a small jar of modeling wax.  “A little of this should be just the thing.”  She smoothed a bit of the wax over the scar and began blending it with her fingertips until the scar was little more than a slight indentation.  “There now, good as new.”  Caroline stood back and admired her handiwork.  She’d managed to cover the bruising and remove most of the blood from Mrs. Marshall’s hair.


Did I mention it was a straight horror piece???  Oh… sorry. For the really creepy stuff, you’ll have to buy the book.  Just $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble !


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