Thursday Thirteen #1

So I’m going to try this Thursday Thirteen business.  This week I’ve chosen from my newest release, Sanguine Kiss.  It’s my first vampire novella and I must say, quite a sexy piece of business.  Enjoy!


She sighed, her body tense as he came closer. But he could see it in her eyes—she could smell him. She wanted him, though she didn’t understand why. Already she was imagining his body pressed against her, driving her into his bed with the violent impetus of his thrusts. She could almost feel the bruises around her wrists when he held her down. Her mouth was dry and she kept chewing on her lip, all thoughts of her former lover clouded with the miasma of his masculinity.

“I offer no pity,” he said, brushing her hair away from her throat. “And no mercy.” He kissed her neck, just under her ear and let his lips linger there, brushing the soft skin with them. He wanted to relish every

layer of her flavor, from the salty sweetness of her skin to the spicy bitterness of her sex. Only when she was at the peak of arousal would he allow himself to submit to his hunger.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She leaned into the cradle of his arms almost involuntarily. “I don’t even know you,” she whispered, her cheek running against his.


Whew… I’ve never wanted to be violated so badly.  I hope it’s made you want to run out and buy your own copy.  Try these sunny locales:


All Romance eBooks

Purple Sword Publications


And if you’d like to sample a little before you buy, please visit my BookPulse page on Facebook. There’s excerpts, trivia and other fun stuff!


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