In Just Seven Days…

Coming soon from Purple Sword Publications

… I can give you a vaaa-aa–aa-aaa-aaamp.  Those of you familiar with Rocky Horror totally got that.  For the rest of you, I’m sure it made no sense at all.  But the sentiment is true.  In seven days my first vampire novella, “Sanguine Kiss” will be available for human consumption!  This book is near and dear to my heart, as I mentioned yesterday, because I’m a vampire groupie.  And Seth, the hero, is so damn hot. He’s an Ancient Egyptian, he has long hair and well.. he’s vicious.  This book is also my first real journey into erotic horror.  Meaning:  lots of sex and lots of blood.  I just hope I do it justice.  That will, of course, be up to you to decide, dear reader.  I’m kind of rambling today, so I’ll shut up and give you a teensy little excerpt.  But tomorrow— an interview with Seth and Gillian!


She could feel his body lying atop hers, and the heaviness soothed her somewhat. Surely, her soul could not escape now. But then he sat up on his knees, straddling her body and staring down at her. His eyes glowed in the blackness. He drew a single, sharpened fingernail across his wrist, opening the plump vein there that pulsed with stolen blood. The blood ran freely and fast down his arm. He held the open wound over her lips, letting the blood trickle down.

At first, she wanted to resist, to turn her head away and fall into shadow without a fight, but then she tasted the bitter sweetness that slipped between her parted lips. One taste and she felt the thirst immediately. Her stomach lurched, and it jolted her awake. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth opened wide, seeking out the sanguine salvation. The blood began to pour in earnest. Seth breathed heavily, tiring from the exertion. Her mouth worked slowly, her tongue licking at the drops as they fell, ever faster into her waiting mouth. Soon she was moaning softly, wanting more—needing more. Taking her wrist, he pulled her to a sitting position, leaning against his chest as she cradled his arm against her in a desperate embrace.


So whaddaya think so far?  Will it pass inspection?  I’m considering a contest on the release day, so any thoughts would be appreciated.


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