A Thursday Morning Rant

As I’m sitting here on my bed reading Facebook, I had some thoughts.  I know, not the safest thing for me, but here goes.

I am a writer.  I write books about love and death and sex– the three biggies.  I pour my heart out on the pages and completely expose myself for my art (that sounded so tortured artist didn’t it…).  One thing I am not is a promo whore.  I have tried and tried and over the course of the last two years I’ve just discovered that it’s not me.  When you see me post on facebook, most of the time I’m talking about something that has been going on in my life, or my mood, or sometimes what I’m writing about.  I just can’t post promo after promo after promo.  I feel like the folks that read my facebook would get tired of listening to me whore out my books all the time.  I want my facebook friends to feel like… well.. you know.. my friends.  Perhaps this is my great downfall.  Perhaps I’ll never earn those coveted silver stars on ARe.  Maybe I’m doomed to be at #453, 842 on Amazon forever.  Hell, I may never get more than a 25 dollar royalty check for the entirety of  my career.  But in the immortal words of someone whose name escapes me… I gotta be me.  I would hope that you read my books because they’re entertaining, have a great story and steamy sex.  They make you feel something, even if that something is, “What the hell is this bitch smokin’?”

That being said, hop on over to your favorite book outlet and buy one of my books….

COMING SOON– I’m currently reading this incredibly sexy cyberpunk book by a writer I respect very much, Angelia Sparrow.  I will be posting my musings on this latest tasty book treat as soon as I can tear myself away from it….