Wicked Little Wednesdays: D.B. Moon

Good morning, children!  This week I’m joined by author D.B. Moon.  D.B. will be sharing an absolutely sizzling little excerpt of the upcoming book, Accidental Intent.  I read the excerpt with bated breath and I’ll just tell you— you’ll be angry.  Just when it’s getting good, damn if the excerpt isn’t over.  But of course… that’s what makes it wicked.  Enjoy…


Lucy and Nicolai swayed in time to the music enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed up against one another.

“What are we doing?” She wondered aloud.

“I believe it is called dancing.”

“No I mean this, us, what is it?”

He turned her gently around the living room floor. “Your guess is as good as mine.” He sighed into her hair. “I don’t want to define it I just want to enjoy it.” They swayed together letting the music take over. “Loving the Louboutin’s, by the way!”

The shoes gave her the height needed to be in kissing range without straining. Lucy gave in to the pull of his lips and the molding of their bodies. The excitement of tongues dancing together and the loss of breath that comes with desire.

Her fingers clutched his hair tighter pulling him into her. Nicolai tried to work the buttons of her shirt with clumsy fingers but ended up ripping the front. Buttons flew everywhere. His hands seized her bare skin. Lucy responded in kind ripped his shirt open and felt his skin against hers.

A moan escaped her lips as he pushed her into the wall his hands roamed freely over her neck, breasts, and abdomen. His dancing tongue was sending her into tactile overload.

A loud thud against her front door abruptly ended their foreplay.


Didn’t I tell ya?  PISSED OFF!!!  But it worked, because I’ll be rushing out to my Nook on release day.  This wicked little gem is coming this spring from Rebel Ink Press.  But to tide you over, here’s some links to other hot little numbers from D.B.  Moon…

Desi Moon http://dbmoonauthor.blogspot.com/

Author of Summerland-Noble Romance (As D.B. Moon) Available Now

My Humiliating Valentine included in Tempting Cupid V-Day Anthology– Rebel Ink Press (February 2012)

Accidental Intent- Rebel Ink Press (Spring 2012)



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