Playlistism: Valentine’s Edition

You know me, I LOVE a music post.  And what better time to have a music post than on Valentine’s Day?  I warn you, before I go on: my idea of a love song may be extremely odd to some of you.

1.  Sweet Child o’ Mine– Guns N’ Roses :  The lyrics of this song are beautiful.  Even if Axel Rose is a crazy person.

2.  Love You to Death– Type O Negative:  I have a little fantasy that this song will be dedicated to me everywhere I go.  It’s deliciously dark and exceptionally romantic.

3.  So Far Away– Dire Straits:  This is a perfectly melancholy love song.  It’s about loving someone long-distance.

4.  What Part of Forever– CeeLo Green: This song is one of the only things about Twilight that doesn’t suck.  It’s upbeat and sticky.  Once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head.  But the lyrics are so sweet and embody those feelings of undying love one gets just as a relationship starts to blossom.

5.  Come What May– Ewan McGregor:  I don’t think I even have to explain this one. Ladies… am I right?


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3 thoughts on “Playlistism: Valentine’s Edition

  1. oh I feel you – I have similar commentary on my blog today. A good love song does its job, no matter what genre it is. And dude, how can any mortal person deny that Come What May is kryptonite to a hard heart?


  2. Sorry, dudette. Just really not my kind of thing. Probably because I don’t have a heart, anymore. It was surgically removed with 5 claws, then used for toilet paper, before being thrown down a gutter. So I replaced it with some bloody mass I found in the back of my freezer.


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