Valentine’s Day Madness! FOR ADULTS ONLY!!

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  You know what I’m talkin’ about— Valentine’s Day!  That non-holiday created by greeting card and chocolate companies to sell us all more sentimental treats than we can possibly imagine.  And though it’s not my favorite holiday, I think the sentiment is in the right place.  You never know when you might lose someone, so it’s always a good idea to tell them now.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive, just from the heart.

In honor of the special day– and because I’d have to hang my head in disgrace as a romance writer if I didn’t do something special for Valentine’s Day– tomorrow (2/14) I’ll be posting some hot little Valentines for your reading pleasure.  Your mission:  give them a gander and leave a comment.  On Wednesday during Wicked Little Wednesday ( this week’s guest is Melissa Keir!!) I will announce the winner of a free copy of my hottest yarn to date, “Masquerade.”  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?!  But just to encourage you, here’s a little excerpt from “Masquerade.”  WARNING!!! NC-17 Content!


“Doesn’t it arouse you to think that some of them are watching you now,” he purred against her ear just as he slid the tip of a finger between the outer lips of her sex. “Each of them getting more turned on as they watch your body tense and hear your desperate whines.”

The sinuous digits delved deeper, collecting the slippery drops of fluid that clung to the tiny petals. He slid the pads of his fingertips around the opening of her sex, massaging gently until she was arching against him involuntarily. With an evil chuckle he pulled away, leaving her empty, her sex clutching for something to grasp hold of.

“You’re so sensitive.” He brought his fingers to his lips, licking one delicately as if catching a dribble of the finest champagne. “And delicious.” With an eyebrow cocked roguishly, he offered his fingertip to her mouth. At first she hesitated. “Don’t be afraid,” he teased, sliding it across her lips, wetting them with her own salty fluid. “Take a small taste.”

She flicked her tongue cautiously across her lips, unsure of what she would taste. It was bittersweet and wild, honeysuckle and smoke. The flavor was intoxicating and she found herself licking her lips. When he offered his hand to her again, she took two of his fingers into her mouth, lapping her tongue around them and suckling hungrily. He groaned, watching her as she took them in like a tiny cock.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me, love. I knew when I saw you on the stairs that you were the only choice for me.”

“You chose me?” she asked, nuzzling her cheek against his hand.

“You seem surprised,” he said, teasing her lips with his thumb.

“I’m not usually the first choice,” she sighed, kissing the edge of his thumbnail. “For anything.”


Wanna hear more of my thoughts on love and sex?  I thought you might.  I’ll be running my mouth further in a couple of weeks at MystiCon in Roanoke, VA.  I’m also available for questioning at the following locales:

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