Wicked Little Wednesday #1: Beth Carter (NC-17)

Today I’d like to welcome my first victim for Wicked Little Wednesday!  Beth Carter is an up and coming romance author and I’m honored to have her here today.  She’ll be sharing with us a quickie little excerpt from her newest release, Lawless Hearts, available on Bookstrand.  I guarantee after you read this excerpt, you’ll be aching for a little “Lawless” action….


His fingers came up to open the top of her gown, and Scharlie moaned as he latchedonto bare skin. He sucked hard, causing her to just about jump out of her skin.She wiggled and begged for more.

There was a direct sensation from her nipples to her pussy, a somewhat unfulfilledfeeling that demanded to be satisfied. She didn’t know if she liked thesensation or not, but there was no denying its need.

Just as she wasn’t sure she could stand any more, he released her nipple to trailhis lips down her torso, her belly, until he reached the curls at the junctionof her thighs.  Instinctively, she wentto close her legs.

“Let him,” Cassidy ordered her. “Let him see your sweet pussy.”

Raw need coursed through her at the word he used. Scharlie relaxed just enough forGarrett to push her legs firmly open, his mouth first pressing small kissesalong the inside of her leg as he circled closer to where she ached.

“Very good,” Cassidy murmured.

Scharlie grudgingly opened her eyes to look at him. She watched him move, panther-like,across the blankets toward her and Garrett. She saw his nostrils flare on the scent of her arousal, and his eyes glitteredwith his own sexual stimulation.

“You want him to continue, Scharlie? Do you want Garrett to be your lover?”

At that moment, Garrett’s mouth settled on her slit. Scharlie gasped at theunexpected feeling as his tongue took a swipe over her.

“Do you want to be ours, Scharlie?” Cassidy whispered in her ear, seducing all herdoubts away.

She moaned her acquiescence.


-From the book “Lawless Hearts” by Beth D. Carter



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