SYS: Excerpt from “Masquerade”

Available 12/17 @, Bookstrand, and AllRomance eBooks

Good morning, boys n’ girls!  It’s a glorious day and I feel the need to sing:

“Happy release day to me!  Happy release day to me!  Happy release day to mee-eeeeeee… Happy release day to me!

That’s right, today is the day that my very first release with Rebel Ink Press hits the eBook outlets. I’m more excited than a Pointer Sister at an all night disco.  “Masquerade” was really an experiment to start with.  I had the idea while on the road home from Louisville, KY last summer.  It just came upon me all at once like a nasty flu.  I wrote it in a couple of weeks– very unusual for a slow writer like me.  Let’s just say I was very inspired.  Anyway, take a look at the blurb and the excerpt to follow….

“What’s your fantasy?”

Blythe McLachlan had the perfect life until the night he said those three little words that could make or break a relationship. When Blythe tells her husband about her fantasy of a hot menage, he’s less than pleased. But when he drops her off at a mysterious masquerade ball, she finds that the boundaries of love can be crossed and rules are made to be broken.



Before she could think of another protest, he kissed her fully on the mouth.  Her instinct was to pull away, but he held her fast between his body and the wall, restricting her movements so that all she could do was writhe against him.  His lips caressed hers gently, nibbling first one then the other before teasing them open with the tip of his tongue.  To her great surprise, she relaxed and opened to him, then eagerly played along.  Her tongue swirled against his, tasting the subtle hints of alcohol and tobacco.  His flavor only excited her more and she shamelessly surrendered, rubbing her center against his hardened cock.  He broke the kiss, drawing a disappointed whimper from her throat.  She reached for him with her mouth, trying to find it in the darkness of their little corner.

“Patience is a virtue,” he whispered, pushing her backward with a gentle hand around her throat.  Instantly his lips kissed lightly across her collarbone, lingering in the tiny cup formed at its center.  Ever so softly he traveled down her front weaving a maze of burning kisses, then nudging the loose fabric encasing her breasts aside to kiss around the swells of each breast.

Her nipples were so sensitive that the smooth silk scraped against them like fine grained sandpaper.  It was almost painful until he freed them with a gentle tug then captured one of the swollen buds between his lips.  She moaned with the delicious agony as he suckled at first one and then the other, tugging the prickled flesh against his teeth.

Alright, your mission– should you choose to accept it– 1.  Leave me a comment and hence get a chance to win two FREE eBooks that are hotter than Christmas in July.   2.  Go and give some comment lovin’ to the other SYS Blog Hop Participants.  and 3.  Go buy yourself a copy of “Masquerade” from All Romance eBooks, Barnes and or Bookstrand.

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