SYS: An Interview with Blythe MacLachlan

Alright, you can tell that I’m a horrible blogger.  I always have a difficult time coming up with topics, so I’ve decided to take a friend’s advice and “interview” the heroine of my new short, “Masquerade.”  Perhaps a little corny, but what better way to get to know the naughty little vixen?


Blythe McLachlan walks into the Starbucks looking like a bit like an unmade bed.  Her black hair is pulled back into a messy chignon, highlighting her delicate china doll features.  At first I am intimidated by the way she barrels through the door and up to the counter to order a Caffe Americano with one sugar, but I’m soon put at ease when she offers a wide smile and a hug rather than a cold handshake.

AC:  Blythe!  You look a bit rushed this morning.

BM:  I know right?  I was so afraid that I was going to be late.  I rushed out of the house without deodorant I think!

AC:  But the important thing is that you’re here.

BM:  I wouldn’t have missed it.  After all, it’s your fault anyway.
Blythe laughs and gives me a knowing look that leaves me no doubt as to what she’s been doing to cause her tardiness. 

AC:  So I take it that you’re enjoying your newfound lifestyle?

BM:  Without a doubt.  In fact, I find myself wondering why I didn’t discover polyamory a long time ago.

AC:  So you consider yourself polyamorous? BM:  Most definitely.  Polyamory means having more than one intimate, loving relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of all parties.  Will, Lucien and I have a great relationship.  I don’t love either of them any more or less than the other.  We’re one anothers’ best friends.

AC:  So it isn’t just about the sex?

BM:  Well, I admit that I was initially attracted to Lucien for purely sexual reasons.  But over

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time, our relationship has become so much more than just sex.  We love and support one another.

AC:  Isn’t there a problem with jealousy?

BM:  I’m sure that in the beginning Will had a few pangs, but once everyone realized that no one was going to be neglected, we were able to put the jealousy behind us.  Lucien doesn’t live with us, so Will and I still have somewhat of a “home turf advantage.”  I think that helps because Will knows that no matter what, I’m first and foremost his wife.

AC:  Do you think that Lucien gets jealous of that?

BM:  He’s mentioned us all moving in together a few times.  And I think I would like that, but I’m not sure that Will is ready for that strong of a commitment.  We haven’t come out as a poly triad to most of our friends, so I think he’s still a little skittish of that.  It’s that sweet Southern boy mentality.  Lucien, on the other hand, is a loudmouth Yankee and doesn’t give a shit about what other people think.  So Lucien may feel a little more jealous, but he understands that Will is my primary partner.

AC:  Am I allowed to ask about the sex?

BM:  You’re the author.  I think you can ask pretty much whatever the Hell you want.

AC:  (laughs)  Well I assume that Will and Lucien aren’t gay?

BM:  There might be two men in the world who are more self-conscious about being touched by another man, but they’d be hard to find  (laughing).  It’s kind of cute, really.  When we’re all in bed together, and we’re going to sleep, they actually map out where they’re going to put their hands to be sure that they aren’t going to accidentally fondle one another in the night.

AC:  There must be something comforting about lying between two men at night.

BM:  I highly recommend it to every woman.  You’ll never sleep better than you do with one man cuddling you from the front, breathing softly against your hair while the other one curls up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and letting you lean against his chest.  I used to get cold at night, but not anymore.  Lucien’s like having a bonfire in bed with you.  I always tease him that I could roast marshmallows on his ass.

AC:  One last thing.  I have to ask you about the double penetration thing.  Is it really possible?

BM:  I could never reveal all my secrets, Lexxx.
Blythe gives me a wink and a mischiveous little smile that tells me she won’t be revealing all her intimate details with me.  But then again, I’m the author and already know anyway.


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8 thoughts on “SYS: An Interview with Blythe MacLachlan

  1. Shadow says:

    Your definitely not a horrible blogger or interviewer! I enjoyed your posts! Thank you for the wonderful giveaways! Happy holidays!


  2. Eva P. says:

    Awesome interview. I really enjoy when you do interviews with your characters! Thanks for being part of the Hop and Happy Holidays to you 🙂


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