SYS Hop: Hey out there!

So I was just wondering how you were enjoying all this hopping around?  Everyone feeling all Christmasy?  I hope so.  I’ve just arrived home from my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL UNTIL JANUARY 3RD!!  For two whole weeks I get to pretend that I’m a real writer that can write every day and stay up late drinking coffee while hunched over a computer.  Perhaps I’ll even start some silly free read.  Go ahead… encourage me.  Later tonight I’ll be posting some bits n’ bobs from my short “Masquerade” that will be going LIVE tomorrow (12/17).  So stay tuned for that.  I’m having a hard time picking a favorite spot….

In the meanwhile, enjoy all those blog hoppers by clicking the SYS button!


Author: Lexxx Christian

I'm Lexxx-- friend, lover, professional pornographer. I'm an author of erotic paranormal romance (dirty stories with vampires, werewolves and ghosts-- OH MY!). I also have many skeletons in my closet which include being a closeted goth. I am THE Southern Belle from Hell, which means i like red wine with my dark chocolate pecan pie. My fiction has a southern gothic twist along with lots of hot, steamy smut. Come by and say hi, collecting friends and stories is my hobby!

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