Six Sentence Sunday: Bloodflower

Good morning, ladies and germs!  I hope that your weekend has been full of smut and excitement.  It’s now time to settle down with our coffee and indulge that most guilty of pleasures:  Six Sentence Sunday.  Now kittens, I know I’ve been away for a few weeks, but now I’m back in writing form and giving you a tiny morsel of a vampire tale I like to call… Bloodflower.


“Dying is a peaceful repasse,” she whispered letting her idle fingers stroke through the messy piles of his hair.  “A way to stop the pain.”

Seth chuckled darkly.  “Are you willing to take that chance, love?  Who knows what lies beyond this mortal cage?”  Lifting his head, he brushed the smooth skin of his cheek against hers, relishing the sensation of skin against skin.  He breathed against her, his scent and serpentine movement hypnotizing her almost immediately.  “A cold, dreamless sleep from which you cannot wake.”


Rawwr… that Seth is something else.  He can come feast on my flesh anytime.  Now, don’t forget boys n’ girls… you must go sample the other SSS offerings.  And don’t forget to leave a comment or two.

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See you soon, everyone!

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