Tell Me I’m Not Wasting My Life

Good evening, faithful readers.  I must tell you I’m feeling a little down tonight.  But that’s what blogging is for, right?  Kind of a window into my psyche or something?  Anyway, I’m just feeling a little discouraged about being a writer in general at the moment.  I look at some of my friends who are plugging along and becoming more successful, and I just don’t feel like I’m in the same league.  I don’t have copious amounts of work.  I don’t have glowing reviews to share.  But of course, that’s always been my problem– I never feel like I’m as good as I should be.  I always feel that there’s more I could be doing or that I should be moving faster.  In some ways, that’s good because I always push myself further and further.  But on nights like this, I just feel like crap.

Anyway, I don’t mean to be a whiner.  Just letting off a little steam I guess.  The good news is, tomorrow is Thursday!  Hope springs eternal!


A Day in the Life

The Real Me... exciting isn't it...

Hey folks!  I’ve been over at Karenna Colcroft’s blog today talking about my hectic life and some Heavenly heroes!  Come join me!

Six Sentence Sunday: Love You to Death

Good morning, faithful SSS readers!  I hope that you’ve been having a lovely weekend.  I know I have, and it’s gotten me waxing sentimental.  In the spirit of that, I decided to dust off an old WIP that I hope to finish sometime in the near future.  It’s a story of Haitian Voudou and resurrecting the love of your life.  It’s called Love You to Death and I hope that someday it will reach the light of day.  Anyway, enjoy…..


He pressed his body roughly against mine, grinding his cock eagerly against my center.  “Feel that,” he growled fiercely.  “That’s real.”

And I believed him.  Every question that still lingered in my brain was washed away by his lips and tongue.  His kisses became more insistent as they travelled farther south.  His tongue lingered around my navel, teasing it until gooseflesh rose in anticipation.  I wanted him so badly and I knew that he could smell my desire.


ugggh… I have GOT to start working on this story again!!!!  What do you think?

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Throbbing Thursday…er… Friday

So here I sit in Starbucks for my weekly writing crunch.  It’s been the week from Hell, truly.  As some of you may know, I’m a teacher and let’s just say that this week– I didn’t feel like Mr. Holland (of Mr. Holland’s Opus fame).  I’m also kind of failing as a writer.  I haven’t posted here since last week and I completely forgot about the weekly guest postings.  So you’ll just have to forgive me for that, dear readers.  I’ll make it up to you with something smutty at the end.

So as far as progress on “Bloodflowers,” some of you may have noticed that I did finish the first big smutty push.  And I’m thinking that maybe it’s shaken something loose because I’m now sure of exactly what’s going to happen in the rest of the story.  I only wish I could type and craft as quickly as I think.  Part of the inspiration is, I think, watching the movie Sucker Punch.  On one hand, I was inspired by thinking– my God– I can do so much better than this.  On the other, some of the images were just so vivid that they really spoke to me.  I found myself thinking about particular scenes long after it was over and I kind of like that.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve mentioned before how I get many of my ideas through film and music.  This movie really had some feasts of both.  And though it wasn’t high art, and through some of it I was thinking “what the hell is going on?”, it had lots to offer.  I reccommend it to artists of any kind.

Alright, I’m off to actually be productive.  Crymsyn Hart is staring over the table at me, making me feel a bit guilty for having spent so much time talking to you all.  I’d better get to work before she threatens to spank me… But before I go, I’ll leave you with a little bit of smuttishness from “Masquerade,” a short that will be coming out with Rebel Ink Press in Winter 2012.  BTW… R-Rating here!!!!


“Doesn’t it arouse you to think that some of them are watching you now,” he purred against her ear just as he slid the tip of a finger between the outer lips of her sex.  “Each of them getting more turned on as they watch your body tense and hear your desperate whines.”  The sinuous digits delved deeper, collecting the slippery drops of fluid that clung to the tiny petals.  He slid the pads of his fingertips around the opening of her sex, massaging gently until she was arching against him involuntarily.  With an evil chuckle he pulled away, leaving her empty, her sex clutching for something to grasp hold of.


Alright…. back to work.

Six Sentence Sunday: Bloodflowers

I can’t help it… I’m in love with this story right now.  To be specific– I’m in love with Seth, my badass vampire hero.  I predict that you’ll be hearing a lot out of old Seth in the coming months…so I hope you aren’t sick of reading yet.


Seth broke away, purring deep in his throat as he swept her drunken, limp body into his arms.  He carried her swiftly through the labyrinth of corridors and up the stairs, moving with an impossible speed that took her breath away.  When they arrived at the end of the hall, he kicked the double doors, breaking the latch so that they flew open.  Willow flinched at the sound of the wood splintering as the doors hit the wall behind with enough force to leave a dent in the plaster.  He tossed her unceremoniously onto his bed and stood back, watching her with a predatory glare.

“Are you going to kill me?” she whispered, sitting back on her elbows.

“Yes.”  He watched as her chin began to tremble and she started moving backward slowly.  “I’m afraid you’ve been chosen.”


Alright, so it’s a little more than six.  But I just couldn’t stop….

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Something a little sensual for your Saturday

OK… this is more than I could post for SSS, so I thought I’d give a little taste here.  It’s pretty dirty.  It involves lots of blood.  It’s my new vampire story, Bloodflower…


The streaks of blood were a map to her center and he followed it without hesitation.

Her sex was so smooth.  He reached out to touch it, gathering some of the blood that had collected in the corner of his mouth and using it to paint around her opening, then licking it away until she was arching up against his mouth, begging him for more.  He was more than willing and pulled the outer lips of her sex between his lips to kiss each one in turn.  Pulling back, he admired the glow of her skin as the blood rushed to the surface. With two fingers, her pulled and tugged at the dewy petals until they were plumped with it.

“Seth…” she sighed, her voice trailing off into an unintelligible moan as he took each side into his mouth in turn, rolling the moist flesh between his lips, careful not to bite.  As he teased them, they began to part, revealing those secret destinations deep inside.  His fingertips were all too willing to help
them along, pulling the lips wide apart and flicking the swollen nub of flesh
that was carefully hidden behind.  Willow’s breath was slow, coming in shallow gasps as he kissed and nibbled at it.  She could feel the moist heat rush to her sex and she struggled to pull her legs further apart to urge him on, but still, every movement was a struggle as the venom crept slowly through her system.  As he kissed at the tiny clitoris, his fingertips slid up her body, swirling in the pools of blood still dripping from her breasts and belly.  She
looked down, watching as he brought the fingers to his lips, tasting the blood
and then pushing the fingers forcefully into her sex.  He moved them inside in gentle circles, then stroking them in and out until her blood mixed with the slippery wetness of her sex.  He lapped it up like a man dying of thirst.  Willow’s voice rose in octaves, higher and higher as she surrendered to the pleasure of his foreplay.  The loss of blood had made her delirious,
sighing and crying out of her head.  He twisted his wrist slightly, pushing two of his slip-sliding, long and sinuous fingers into her until he could feel that secret place high up within.   His thumb made wide circles around her clit
until he could feel her tensing with her impending climax.  She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t make a sound.  Just as she tumbled over the
edge, he sank his teeth into the vein that pulsed just below the skin at the
junction of her thighs.  She screamed with the orgasmic pleasure and the ultimate anguish as he drank deeply, pulling her lifesblood into him, not wanting to leave a single drop.  She screamed, knowing this was the end but
she didn’t care.  Her whole life was reduced to the pinpoint of light she could see behind her eyes as he made her come.

And then it was dark.


Take THAT, Edward Cullen….

So you think it’s hot enough??

Throbbing Thursday: Eden Glenn

The fabulous Eden Glenn!

Hello, my erstwhile readers!  I’ve been under the weather this week, so I haven’t been in touch too much lately.  But I did manage to pull myself together to welcome yet another wonder in the romance world.  This week’s guest is Eden Glenn.  Eden is one of the contributing authors in the Rebel Ink Press anthology, Once Upon a Twisted Tale.  This week she’ll be giving us a little taste of her twisted tale, “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp.”  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  I can’t WAIT to get these twisted tales on my Nook…


Hello. Thank you for the opportunity to blog with your readers today.  I thought it would be fun to drop by for a cup of chai tea and chat a little about an upcoming release from Rebel Ink Press. I am so excited to be part of A group of authors who came together for this fun anthology “Once Upon A Twisted Tale”

Escape to a world of make believe where all your grown up fantasies can now be realized.  Where Neverland means never denying yourself the most intimate, wicked treats and where what you wear to the ball isn’t nearly as important as what you don’t. Experience a tantalizing set of stories where fairy tales take on an unexpected twist and journey to a place where real love isn’t defined in terms of a cookie cutter princess. After all, happily-ever-after isn’t the staple of a charmed life…

When the call went out I knew I wanted to be part of this collection. I am finding many readers want short novellettes to pick up and finish in an evening.  Life is so fast paced and they want completion in one sitting for their reading enjoyment.

Ideas started coming together for the story. My partner R.M. Kinore (anthology story: “The Emperor’s New Clothes: No More Hiding”) helped me find a setting that gave me that tingly feeling and “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp” was born.

The Galloping Ghoul rides each full moon, exacting revenge by frightening those who tormented his past. By day, he is one of the town people, Nathaniel Hawkins, an affluent entrepreneur. He identifies with Ike Sandhill, a government surveyor, and wants to protect him from the same thugs who drove Nathaniel to revenge. Ike goes to the extreme to prove to everyone how straight laced he is. He pursues Misty VonMix with the intention of marriage. Nathaniel doesn’t know how to confess his desire without driving Ike away. He comes up with a plan of seduction. Before the night is over Ike discovers things about himself he always knew, yet denied.

 “Massachusetts, 1790

Somewhere in the Bridgewater Triangle, old wives tell tales in hushed tones about strange lights in the sky and the Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp. They say the specter rides on the night of the full moon. They don’t know what drives him to haunt unsuspecting travelers. Those who’ve crossed his path flee in fear for their lives. If the victims know why he rides, they never say.”

Eden Glenn writes paranormal erotic romance. She lives in the mountains of Chattanooga, Tennessee with her partner and four of their  five children, two cats, one ghost (that they know of) and a dog.

“Prepare to leave your safe world behind. Come with me to places where things aren’t always what they seem and destiny is the master.”

Find her on Facebook, Twitter and over at her blog


Wow… Sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening– curled up with some twisted fairy tales.  Happy reading, folks!