Throbbing Thursday’s Guest: Cassandre Dayne

Available September 3rd from Rebel Ink Press

Hey boys n’ girls!  Tomorrow is Thursday and that means that its time for another guest post from a hot writer in the erotica realm.  Tomorrow’s hottie– Cassandre Dayne!  I met Cass last year at Mysticon in Roanoake, VA and we’ve been inseparable since.  Her writing is hot, edgy and never EVER dull!

She’ll be gracing us with a post on Powerful Men and the Women and Men Who Love Them.  And as a special treat, she’s also giving us a taste of her new release, Power Struggle, due out on Sept. 3rd from Rebel Ink Press.  And I must say… I almost didn’t make it through reading the excerpt in the post– its so damn hot!

Anyway… I hope you enjoy.  Leave her some comments and give her some love!

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