In the Spotlight: Siobhan Kincade

Happy Thursday, boys n’ girls!  And welcome to the inaugural post of The Belle’s Spotlight Thursdays!  Each week I’ll be spotlighting some naughty writer chick or kinky writer dude and subjecting them to the third degree.  This week, the spotlight shines on my best friend in the world, writer Siobhan Kincade.  Siobhan has published 2 stories with Sugar and Spice Press, the latest of which, “She-Wolf” should be coming out this fall.  She’s also self-published one of the most intense horror stories I’ve ever read, “Haunted” (check it out on or Barnes and Noble) under her other name, S.H. Roddey.  Not to mention, she’s my ever-faithful and long-suffering writing partner.  Without further ado….


Erotica, Smut Peddling, and Pornography

Lexxx told me I had to be interesting today, so I sat downand made a list of all of the things I could possibly talk about.  I’m not interesting, though… I swear I’mnot.  A few witty comments and theoccasional cheap shot do not an interesting read make.

So I worried over it. I pondered and I struggled and whined and whimpered.  I thought about playing the sexy vixen (I soam not that girl), or maybe the Grammar Nazi that slaps everyone’s wrists forimproper punctuation (yeah, I’ve done that), or even the shameless plugger thatlists strings of things for everyone to OMGGOBUYITRIGHTNOW…


Seeing as how we’re all eroticists here, I decided to pullout the taboo topic of “porn vs. erotica” and run with it.  It’s only fitting, because there are many,many, many people out there who don’t understand their sad misconceptions.

Yes, erotica is a form of pornography.  Or rather, I choose to think of pornographyas a form of erotica.  Pornography is thedepiction of a sex act, be it visual or verbal. It is the foreplay, the penetration, and the climax.  It’s what multitudes of people use to getoff.

Erotica is more than that. While erotica does involve the graphic depiction of the sex act, it

is almost always accompanied by an emotional entanglement, a scintillatinglead-up, and a “morning after” scenario.

Raise your hand if you have ever watched a porn video.  Don’t worry…nobody can see you but me.  And I’ll know if you’re lying.

Okay, put your hand down now.  No, not that far.  Keep them where I can see them, please.

So, since you’ve watched the porn flick, you know that itstarts with some corny intro, and concludes with a money shot.  Since you read erotica (and I know you do,otherwise you wouldn’t be trolling me on Lexxx’s blog), you know that it startslong before said corny intro, and ends well after the girl wipes the jizz offher boobs.

Erotic writing is more about the personal connection thanthe act itself.  It touches on the basichuman instinct to fornicate, but takes that instinct a step farther into thesubconscious need for personal connection. In erotic fiction, the sex very, very rarely comes without that spark, or some other catalyst thatpushes those two people toward each other.

Erotic writing doesn’t end when the guy blows his load allover his partner.  It follows on into thefallout of the characters’ actions.  Itgets into the female need to nest, or the male need to dominate.  It focuses on the drive of two people tocling to each other despite adversity. It gives fetishists a way to prove that they have emotions beyond thespankings and toe-sucking.  It givessame-sex couples the ability to showcase their love for each other in anon-judgmental environment.

Over all, it gives the people involved in the depicted sexact the ability to actually be people.

Most of us who write erotica have been called somethingnasty in the past.  Pornographers…smutpeddlers… Why yes, yes we are.  If we’regoing to be given the titles, I say we wear them proudly.  Consider them badges of honor.  Look the naysayers in the eye, hold our headshigh, and admit:

Yes, we enjoy sex. Yes, we want happy endings.  Yes we believe the two can mesh.

What of it?


So there you have it, the ravings of a sex-crazed lunatic.  Also known as, my friend Siobhan Kincade.  But the fun doesn’t have to end here.  Siobhan can be found all over the internet:

WordPress (link:
facebook (link:
twitter (link:

I highly recommend checking her out.    Thanks for the post, Siobhan!!

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