Coming up TOMORROW!

Never one for procrastination *coughbullshitcough*, I’m handing out a post tonight to let you know about TWO… count em, TWO blogging events coming up tomorrow, August 25th.  First off, I will be guesting over at Sinful Writings ( ) tomorrow.  And I have to say… the post is very very naughty.  All I’m saying is that vibrators play a major role.  I will also have an author interview up that answers all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask… and then some.  Secondly, my good friend Siobhan Kincade will be guest blogging HERE!  She’s talking about the difference between porn and erotica and of course has posted a tasty little morsel for your reading pleasure.  Be sure to stop by both places tomorrow and leave a comment!  See you all soon!!


Author: Lexxx Christian

I'm Lexxx-- friend, lover, professional pornographer. I'm an author of erotic paranormal romance (dirty stories with vampires, werewolves and ghosts-- OH MY!). I also have many skeletons in my closet which include being a closeted goth. I am THE Southern Belle from Hell, which means i like red wine with my dark chocolate pecan pie. My fiction has a southern gothic twist along with lots of hot, steamy smut. Come by and say hi, collecting friends and stories is my hobby!

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