Guest blogging and Coffee Night, the Sequel!

Hello boys n’ girls!  Its Saturday morning and I have officially survived the first week of school! I have the sweetest little class and I’m so happy to be their teacher this year.  I know… that sounds weird coming from foul-mouthed little me.  But I do love being a teacher, even when its frustrating.

Speaking of frustration… I can’t seem to make it over to see Fright Night this weekend.  I must remedy that.  I mean, I don’t like Colin Ferrell– despite his Irish accent.  I dunno why, but he always looks dirty to me.  But what do I know, I prefer Cillian Murphy.  Or as my sister Jess refers to him, “that Irish girl.”  But what can I say– I have  a thing for big blue eyes, sharp cheekbones and accents. But I digress.  I really want to see Fright Night this weekend.  It just looks so good and gory and fun.  PLUS, it has Dr. Who in guyliner.  The good news is, my good friend Siobhan Kincade and I are going to get to spend a day writing today.  I just love taking off for the coffeeshop with my laptop.  Its probably my favorite thing to do.  I know– NERD.

In other news, my unofficial blog tour continues today at the awesome Mary Quast’s blog— I’ll be talking about the connection between sex and fear, along with a very hot snippet of an oldie, but goodie by me, Hellsong.

Available NOW from Sugar and Spice Press!

Thiswas my very first novel that I released last October– and still, I feel, the best thing I’ve ever written.  It has some definite elements of horror along with some very sexy scenes between an angel and a demon.  So be sure to come on over and see me!

Alright, no more blogging for me.  Its back to the old writing grindstone.  I hope to have two more submissions by the end of the month.  Nothing but work, work, work for me.  See ya later, kittens!

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