Today’s Events!

Hey there everyone!  I hope this week is finding you happy and healthy.  I just wanted to drop a quick post to let you know about a couple of things coming up today (Thursday, Aug. 18th).

As you all know I am a proud writer with Rebel Ink Press.  And TODAY is their 1 year anniversary.  So there’s all kinds of to-do going on over at the Rebel Ink website:  contests, blog posts, general debauchery.  That link is: .  And the other thing is that in celebration of Rebel Ink’s birthday, all us authors will be participating in a chat over in the Joyfully Reviewed yahoogroup: from 7-9pm EST.

Alright… I have to be off to bed, but please come over and see me and the other Rebel authors over at Joyfully Reviewed!!!


Author: Lexxx Christian

I'm Lexxx-- friend, lover, professional pornographer. I'm an author of erotic paranormal romance (dirty stories with vampires, werewolves and ghosts-- OH MY!). I also have many skeletons in my closet which include being a closeted goth. I am THE Southern Belle from Hell, which means i like red wine with my dark chocolate pecan pie. My fiction has a southern gothic twist along with lots of hot, steamy smut. Come by and say hi, collecting friends and stories is my hobby!

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