Busy Bees…

As I was sitting in my classroom today, waiting for all the new kiddos and their parents to arrive for orientation, I was reading my email on my phone and I noticed that so many people were posting to their blogs this morning.  So I figured I’d better not let them make me look bad.  So here I am, a busy little bee taking a break to say hello to the masses.  So how are ya? Doing well?

Available NOW from Sugar and Spice Press

Its been several days since “Second Skin” released and I’m really curious to see how well its selling.  Of course no one can really know until the royalty statement comes in, but I’m anxious.  I really love that story and it really has some of the better sex scenes I’ve ever written.  So if you judge a story by how hot the erotica is, I can vouch for it.  I mean, Jack, the hero, made me pretty hot while I was writing it.  *fans self*

Since I’ve got this new release, I’ve booked several guest blogs for the coming weeks.  So I thought I’d give you a little schedule so you can plan your blog crawling accordingly:

I have several more coming up in October and November.  I’ll keep you posted on those as they draw closer.  Also, starting week after next, I’ll be featuring a hot face in Erotic Romance every Thursday here at the Southern Belle.  Coming up on August 25th, my inaugural guest blogger and guinea pig will be none other than my bestie, Siobhan Kincade!  Siobhan is the author of “Marked,” available NOW at Sugar and Spice Press as well as upcoming releases in February from Rebel Ink and “She-Wolf,” also from Sugar and Spice.  She’s been my long-suffering writing partner for years and I’m really excited to showcase her on my blog.  So stay tuned!

Finally, thank you so much to all of your who have been reading and commenting on my blog.  I know that at times I get so busy that I forget to comment back to every single post, but I do read them and they do make me smile.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I promise to be better about commenting back.  I’ve also been completely blown away by the SSS posts that I’ve seen the last couple of weeks.  My Nook is positively bursting with new hot reads!!

Alright, I’m going to stop babbling now.  I will leave you with a tiny little excerpt of “Second Skin” since you’ve been so nice to bear with me through this long-assed post.  See you soon, kittens—


Suddenly he pulled away and brought his fingertips to his lips.  My stomach rolled with contained arousal as I watched him with ravenous eyes.  He brushed the fingertips along the inside of his lip and tasted my spicy sweet essence, his eyes closing as if trapped in the ecstasy of some forbidden dream. He offered the digit to me and I stared up at him hesitantly.  Not waiting for my answer, he drew his finger over my mouth, wanting me to taste my own sexuality.  The flavor was complex and
sensual and I was actually disappointed when the last of it was gone.  He laughed quietly to himself and leaned over to kiss me again. I was so thankful for his mouth that I groaned audibly when
his tongue found mine and began to dance.   Over and over they stirred until I felt that my mouth was another sex, opening wider to receive his torturous pleasure.


“Second Skin” is available NOW from Sugar and Spice Press:  http://www.sugarnspicepress.com


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