Six Sentence Sunday: Second Skin

Yes, my lovelies.  Yesterday, my new short, “Second Skin”dropped in to Sugar and Spice Press!  So I thought that this Sunday,

Available August 13th from Sugar and Spice Press

I’d give you a little more, just to whet your appetite.  If you like what you see, don’t forget to stop over at Sugar and Spice: and download yourself a copy.  I can promise its way hotter in its entirety.  So without further ado….


I nodded obediently and shivered as he took my hand, leading it to the belt around his waist.  I pulled at the leather, blindly groping around in the dark.  The beating of the waves against the rocks was getting louder and I could feel that the tide was coming in, counting down the minutes of our time together.  Soon the rock on which we lay was going to be devoured by the sea, carrying him back to wherever he came from.  As he’d said, time was short and it made me even more urgent to join my body to his.  I fumbled with the button on his pants until I was whimpering with frustration and he pushed my hands away.


Well don’t just stand there!  Go buy the book!!!!


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