Happy Release Day to ME!

Well, the release of “Second Skin” is finally here.  My baby is out and in the world now.  I feel like a Mom sending their child off to college.  Wondering if it

Available NOW from Sugar and Spice Press

will fulfill all the hopes and dreams I have for it?  Like, you know… being a bestseller… or teaching the world at large about selkie myths that they never knew… encouraging women to find older men… causing a national crisis of chronic masturbation.  You know… just little dreams.

In the story, Catherine goes to a party and meets the man of her dreams.  In an instant she is willing to give up everything just to have this man in her life.  So my question is this:  Have you ever found yourself in a position of obsessive love?  Not puppy, harmless, oh I think he’s really cute love.  I mean, “I’m going to slit my wrists if he doesn’t call me back” love?  Catherine realizes over the course of the story, that she has to hold on to Jack, our hero, no matter who she has to hurt or what price she might have to pay in the future.  The story is an unusual take on love because though there’s hot sex and intimate talk between the two, even though they’re in love, there’s a darkness there that I think is a captivating reversal.  But of course… I’m a bit biased.  So, without further ado or hullabaloo, here’s an excerpt of “Second Skin.”


“Yes,” I muttered breathlessly.  He smiled in a wicked way that made my stomach roll in tumbling waves before taking a breast in his hand and

lifting it to his mouth roughly.  He suckled at one, then the other, until I was moaning his name over the deafening crash of the water against the

rocks.  One arm held me around the waist, keeping me motionless as he ran his other hand down the middle of my chest and farther down to rest

against my belly.  His palm was warm, soothing away my doubts as he ran his hand slowly in feathering caresses over my pelvis and thighs, carefully

avoiding my sex.  And oh, how I wanted him touch me there.  With a soft whimper I arched my body against his, praying that he would touch me

and finally put out the fire that had been building all night, but he didn‟t.  He wanted to torture me in his own delicious fashion, so that when the

time came and he finally took me, I would fly apart into a million tiny pieces of starlight.  “I need you, Jack,” I cried, sitting up on my elbows,

my mouth seeking his out.  My lips brushed first against his cheek, then his hair.  I could hear him chuckling softly.  He was teasing me, dodging

my kisses. “I know, love,” he purred, sinking his teeth into the curve of my shoulder.  “So badly you fear you‟ll die if I don‟t fuck you soon.”  All of

the hair on the back of my neck bristled, sending a shudder through my body at the crudity of his words.  “Poor thing.  It‟s been so long for you,

hasn‟t it,  A grá?  So long you fear that you’ve forgotten how.” Every syllable went straight to my sex and I could feel the warmth building so

fast that I parted my thighs, praying that the cool ocean breeze would calm it.  His mouth was on me again, slipping from the crest of my cheek to the

gentle slope of my throat.  “You need a good fucking,” he growled, pulling my body roughly against his groin.  I whined, dragging my naked

sex against the rough fabric of the dark pants he still wore.

“Please…” I whispered, feeling his body slipping away from me.

“So tempting,” he replied, sliding down my body, his lips barely touching my flesh.  “But to grant your release now would only deny you

all the pleasures of getting there, my love.”  He knelt between my thighs, his hands everywhere at once it seemed.  He grabbed my leg behind the

knee, pushing it up and laying me bare.  I blushed again, as I knew that he could see every tiny crease, every fold—could even see the tiny drops of

moisture collected on the outer petals of my sex.  Never had one been so intimate with me, so unapologetic about taking what they liked.  It aroused me more

than any touch ever could and I found myself moaning before I could even feel the heat of his palm on my skin.  “You are exquisite, A

grá.  Never have I seen your equal,” he purred, his thumb lightly stroking the inside of my thigh.  “I‟ve barely touched you and already your sex is

swollen with want.”  He reached out and took one of the little lips between his fingers and tugged at it gently.  I whined with the unfamiliar sensation

and he smiled, rolling the bit of flesh between his thumb and forefinger.  “Just a little pain to heighten the pleasure,” he whispered, pulling at the

other lip roughly until I cried out.

How could he know, I thought.  The deepest, undisclosed desires that I kept hidden inside; those fantasies that I saved for when I was alone in the

dark—he knew them all.  This man, this thing, was my fantasy, and if what he said was true, soon he‟d be gone—receding with the tides.  He

smiled, looking down at my body with greedy eyes.  I watched as he rubbed at the hood of my sex firmly with the heel of his hand.  It made me

pant with desire and I found myself grinding against his hand with wanton abandon.  I heard him chuckle and my cheeks flushed hot red again.  I

wanted to speak, but all that I could manage was a moan.


So… are you ready to rush out and buy it yet?  You are!?  Great!!!!  “Second Skin” is available NOW @ http://www.sugarnspicepress.com/


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