Convention Wrap, or Why I Need More Sleep

So I didn’t feel like posting a blog yesterday.  I know, I suck ass.  But after the weekend in Louisville, I was so damn tired.  Of course, on the way home I was hit with a blast of inspiration and spent all day yesterday writing.  Its kind of unheard of ground, as the story is in no way paranormal, but I’m really chugging along on it.  So much so that I kept going and going until I heard Tally’s alarm go off at 6 o’clock this morning.  Which meant that I’d been up all night long.  Which means I’m now a zombie.  I’m just too old for that shit.  But hopefully after some food and some caffeine, I’ll be ready to keep going.

As for Fandom Fest– I had such a blast on the panels and meeting all the new people.  I won’t give a blow-by-blow or anything but I will hit the highlights.  First off, I’d like to thank Stephen Zimmer for giving me such a great opportunity to be part of his Literary Track.  I think others have mentioned this in their recap, but I will reiterate– I was just awed by Stephen’s ability to keep up a positive attitude despite adversity.  In addition, the panels for the Lit Track were entertaining and so relevant.  I got the opportunity to meet some really great authors: Angelia Sparrow, Eric Wilson, Kimberly Richardson, TammyJo Eckhart and Cassandra Dayne, just to name a few.   I got some great information from panels, both the ones I was on and the ones I attended.  For example, I never knew that strawberry jam was good on assflesh.  I was on the BDSM in Fiction panel but I think I did more listening and learning than actually talking.  It was great!  I also spent a good chunk of time in the bar with Cassandre Dayne and her husband which was a great way to unwind after some of the obstacles presented by the hotel:  no A/C, my room being given away to others, and other things that I won’t go into.

Alright, kittens.  I’m off for lunch and caffeine with Siobhan.  I’ll catch you all laters!

3 thoughts on “Convention Wrap, or Why I Need More Sleep

  1. I had an awesome time at all the panels you were on and it was so nice seeing other people who their hubbies get involved and go places with them.
    I m looking forward to having money at some point to buy your books. I had a blast at the erotic panels you were on.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


  2. I had so much fun with the both of you this weekend. Given the conversation and the level of talent, I’m sure we’ll be running into one another again really soon. K.L– I know Cass and I will be at Mysticon in Raoanoke, VA in February. You should make plans to join us!


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