This Just In!!!

As if this week weren’t exciting enough, I found out late last night that my new short story, “Second Skin” has been picked up by Sugar and Spice

Press!!  So yay! They were crazy enough to trust me again, I’m glad to say!  I will keep you all posted on release dates and such as I find out.

In Fandom Fest news, its just three short days away and I’m slowly becoming a basketcase.  If you’re a friend and I’ve been ignoring you, please understand that I really am just a scatterbrain and not really paying attention.  So by all means, call me, IM me, whatever, because chances are, I won’t think to do it.  My brain is so crowded.  I’m starting to pack and gather up clothes and such to take.  I”m such a terrible packer.  I have to have choices of things to wear, so consequently I pack for 2 days like I’m going on a ten year trek through the desert.  And of course, what I normally wear when I’m sitting at home on the couch with the dog and my lappy is NOT what I’d wear to be in public.  So there’s a lot of digging and deciding.  Its all very stressful.  I’ve also come to the realization today that I am not going to have time or money to get my hair trimmed.  So there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll look like a wooly-booger on those panels.

And then there’s the part where I have to decide what to read for my Friday night reading.  I’ve been putting it off, but now its crunch time.  Do I go with something horrific and gory or something very X-rated?  Funny or solemn?  *sigh* I just don’t know… Whatever the outcome, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it here.

That being said…. I’m off to practice….


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