Hop on the Train to Louisville!

I write to you today as a writer, pop-culture enthusiast, music lover and starstruck idiot.  In a few short days I’ll be off with the hubby and two of  my nearest and dearest to Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY.  Those of you who have been faithfully following my blog since I was over at blogspot know that I get crazy about doing the whole Public Appearance thing.  I don’t consider myself to be special in any way, so the thought of going to an environment where people might expect me to be out of the ordinary is a bit scary.  I’ll be honest– I’m comfortable speaking in front of others.  I have a sparkling sense of humor and infectious laugh and can almost always think of something to say.  But in the days, hours and minutes before I have to say it— I’m nervous as a three dollar whore in the front pew of the Baptist church.  That being said— I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!!

Any writer, or in fact anyone who attends these conferences, will tell you that half the fun is getting to know the people.  I’ve met so many wonderful authors, publishers and editors at Sci-Fi Conventions.  In fact, I met my own first publisher at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC.  A lot of people don’t realize that many of the authors, media guests and vendors do several of these conventions each year, as do the people who are faithful attendees.  Therefore, you often get to see the same people at the conventions and start to forge friendships that exist beyond Facebook.  This is the part I love best– collecting friends.  Stephen Zimmer, Marcia Collette, Dahlia Rose, Dorian Wallace and Nicole Kurtz are just a few of the author friends I’ve made doing the Con thing.  I hope that Fandom Fest will be as fruitful for my collection.

Alright, down to brass tacks– my Schedule of Appearance at Fandom Fest!!   Wow…. that sounded official—-

Friday 7/22:  8pm:  Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies: Keeping Genre Writing Fresh

                        11pm:  Reading

Saturday 7/23:  7pm:  Signing

                            10pm:  Erotic Writing

                            11pm:   BDSM in Fiction

Sunday 7/24:  10am:  Writing Fanfiction

I’m sure that I’ll also be lurking around the halls, scribbling in a notebook or chatting up the other guests.  And if you see me, by all means come up and say hello.  Of course…. you might end up in a story later—-


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