Be the DJ of Your Life

One of the things that I’m always very adamant about is that music is one of the most important things in my writing.  I use playlists to outline stories, set my mood to write a certain scene and indeed, I have found inspirations for plots, images and titles through listening to music.  I don’t know of many writers that don’t have their trusty iPod at hand whenever they sit down to put pen to paper.  I could be wrong, and please let me know if you must have complete silence– other people’s rituals fascinate me, but I’ve found that this is the case for most authors.

I have extremely schitzophrenic tastes in music that range from middle of the road rock like Muse and Coldplay to pounding Industrial Goth like :wumpscut: and even as far as old-time country music like Patsy Cline.  Its all very personal and influenced by mood.  Nothing is so powerful a tool of memory than music— except maybe smell.  I always hear a song that makes me think of an event in my life.  Its almost like a key to the little box in my brain.

Nothing has helped me find new and interesting music more  than my career in Second Life.  My alter-ego, Scarlett Thirdborn, is a club crawler.  I like to take her to all sorts of different places and listen to different types of DJs and I have probably downloaded more music after hearing someone’s set than I ever have before.  So before I actually get to posting this week’s playlist, I’d like to give a shout out to some of my favorite SL DJs and thank them for feeding my addiction:  DJ Wham (no really, I like that weird assed progressive blues-funk fusion thing), DJ Steph (the KING of Classic Rock), DJ Prodigy (the other white meat… rawwr) and DJ Sky (my own personal Goth savior) and many others that are too numerous to mention.  Thanks so much for inspiring me with your sets!

OK.. here goes.  A few songs for your listening pleasure:

Hollow– Epsilon Zero:

Wreath of Barbs– :wumpscut:

The Siren– Nighwish:

Bye Bye Blackbird– Diana Krall:

Wild is the Wind– David Bowie:

Illusion– VNV Nation:

Where Shadows Lie– Bella Morte:

Burn– The Cure:

Dear Ophelia– Abney Park:

Remember– Emilie Autumn:

Love the Way You Lie– Eminem w/ Rhianna:

This is by far not a complete list, so my goal is to do a music post every week.  Happy listening!











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