Hump Day Hotness….

As promised, I’m working on being a good little author and giving you just a little bite of naughty to get you through your workday.  Today’s selection is from my new novel, currently in submissions— Beast of Burden….. enjoy…..


“You can feel me?” Sascha asked, desperate to understand.

“Of course.  When I close my eyes and quiet my thoughts–I can feel your heart beating.  Hear yourbreath.  Smell your scent.  It’s how I found you in the forest.”

She rose as he spoke, limping slightly to close the space between them. “How?”

“I wish I knew,” he whispered.  “But never doubt it.”  He turned to face her when he felt her cool hand upon his shoulder.  “Our souls are entwined, Sascha.  And no matter how long you live, or how many lives you traverse–” His words weakened her and she stumbled on her wounded ankle, but he caught her easily, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body against his.  “I will always find you.”  Tangling his hand in the mussed curls at the back of her head, he tipped her mouth upwards to meet his in an
insistent kiss.  At first she tried to pull away, not knowing how to react, but he held her fast, not letting her escape.  And when he teased her mouth open with his tongue and delved inside, she found that escape was the farthest thing from her mind.  She let him in eagerly, instinct taking over and letting their tongues play together in a sensual dance
that left her panting his name.  “You are my mate,” he growled, licking his lips.

“Yes,” she sighed, dizzy with his closeness and intoxicated by his taste that still lingered on her tongue.  He loosened his hold on her a little and she stepped backward to clear her head.  She quickly discovered the extent of her injury as a shooting pain shot from her ankle all the way to her thigh when she put her weight down.  She gasped through clenched teeth and nearly went down on her knees.  He caught her just in time, gathering her into his arms and lifting her off her feet.  “Your mate,” she sighed, her head swimming as he turned.


So what do you think??  Too much? Not enough?  How about that Cianan Marek?? Rawwrrr….

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