Follow this link to find out more exciting information about Fandom Fest!  You can see me.. and several other people that aren’t quite as interesting.. hehe.  Just kidding.  I think I’m most looking forward to the woman who did the voice of JEM!!!!  God I can’t wait…

Myself and several of my paranormal erotic romance colleagues will be there:  Siobhan Kincade, Bethany Halle and Crymsyn Hart to name just a few.  We’ll be tearing it up on panels about BDSM, Writing Good Sex Scenes and No– The Human Body Just Can’t Do That… I’m sure its going to be a monstrously good time.  And I promise to bring chocolate and wine.  I’m really also hoping to do some readings of my work– if I can get through it without laughing like a schoolgirl.  But I’ve already started practicing (media file to follow).

Don’t forget to check out the writings of the numerous talents that will be there pimpin’ their work:  Stephen Zimmer, Bobby Nash, Andy Dane (the delicious frontman from Bella Morte who just happens to be a phenomenal writer as well) and so many others that I just can’t name them all– visit the site to see a complete listing.

I will be continuously blogging about this event for the next  month, so I’m sure no one will be able to escape knowledge of this event.  In fact, I can almost guarantee several comments telling  me to shut up about it.  But until then…….


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